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Have you thought if you are a good example for your children? Here are some reasons and examples for you to know.

Being a parent is not as easy as it seems. It needs to recognize that the person brings to the world is a person who needs assistance for several years, attention also needs love and understanding.

It is difficult to understand how the average age is used to treat a child the same way it dealt with an adult. There are several books that prove that theory, and different authors of poetry and literature. We speak of Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm, and other writers who reflected their culture and society since the 17th century onwards.

There are several books that were written at that time and that was shown as the treatment of adults with children, since older children began to work, and as the evolution of dress, character and life of one child until our times .

The book of world champion Daniel "Danny Champion of the World" shows an example of children's books that show the treatment of his father towards his son and the bad example that is promoted to the act of theft. The same idea and the original was written for adults under the name World Champion "Champion of the world" after a few years was translated by the writer Roald Dahl in a version for children.

In the version for children was written in a language much more understandable for children but just what is happening is not content for adults and children, there are scenes of revenge, theft, etc. complicity.

How can we write a book in which a father's bad example for your child? Obviously, the father always wants the best for their children but in reality there are parents who forget that sentence and simply treat their children as people and mature, taking the kids just 5 years or more.

When I refer to is a bad example to the things that make parents before their children and do not realize the problems that can cause the child in its infancy and when it is big and make her own decisions.

If a father smokes in front of their children and do not mind affecting, if you play in a casino online all day, if a father beats his wife in front of the children, what can you expect when this child big? There are several options, or when the child grows and his family have done exactly the same because it is something that has already experienced and it seems very normal or otherwise by saying that he does not want to be and act like her father or be indifferent to what happened when I was a child.

Now parents, please think about what they want their children when they become large. Wish to note that most children take their parents as a model and want to be like them when big, then think a little and change their attitude against those who take their lead on a daily basis. Or the best thing is that before having a child if you think it is a good example for those who will be born and if you can with the responsibility of parenting and raising children who are good people.


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