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Writing is a truly expressive gesture and handwriting analysis investigates how children's emotional impact on children and adolescents letter

The child begins to write about when you copy the model as closely as possible, but with the momentum that exists in every individual human being. The important thing is not to restrict their individuality.

Living conditions, education and family environment play an important role.


In GRAFOLOGÍA, any excess BRAND imbalance.


. excessive distance between words and lines

· Inequalities in middle

· Substantial changes

· Inequalities tilt

· Very small dimension ( "fly's foot")

· Changes of letters "or" instead of "a", "m" with four modules

· Changes lowercase letters to uppercase

· Underlines, question marks or exclamation exaggerated

· Corrections, amendments, deletions, alterations, errors (if they are not in a list)

DIMENSION REDUCTION indicates depression, decay, fear, fear, inhibition. (You may also be caused by external factors such as excessive heat and cold).

EXCESSIVE INCREASE DIMENSION indicates an exaggerated sense of self-worth (pride, vanity, egocentricity, etc.) or an inferiority complex is not compensated (in this particular case, this sign is a sharp cry of help-seeking).


. weak pressure

· Broken lines or detours, tremors, twitching.

· Pressure disturbances (grazing, sprains, congestion)

· Breeze (interruption of the line in the upper ridges or points or axes or lower tracing the letters)

· Welding (difficult to attach a letter with another)

· Strokes truncated (not finished making)

· Significant alterations in the order

Confusion of one letter for another

· Ovals crushed or very close

· Tightness in "m", "n" and "u" letter width

· Unnecessary points placed everywhere

The handwriting may suggest the possible anomalies that must be corroborated or not by doctors.

Graphologists do not diagnose illnesses

SIGNS OF EXHAUSTION IN WRITING THE CHILD (very common in this era of on demand when the child is calling duties that exceed the limit of their capacity) are:

. notable hesitations

· Pressure weak or inequalities

· Very small size or with sudden changes

· Dancing lines (address lines)

· Forgotten score

· Signs of confusion

· Welds (can not correctly merge a letter with another)

· Features truncated (not actually finish the lyrics)

Signs of aggression or anger in children's writing are:

- Higher angles in the form of graphics

- Signs of agitation

- End of the lyrics steely and prolonged to the right.

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How To Look Like You Got a Full Night's Sleep on Howcast

Trick people into thinking you’re well-rested, no matter how little sleep you got, with these tips.

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My Child Have Nightmares


Feeling call our son at night, with a desperate cry yells, "Mom! Papa! ". Between asleep and awake we approached his bed: "What happened, darling?". We embrace: "A giant monster horrible and he wanted to eat me!"

Like adults, children do not sleep in the same way during the night. There are moments of deep sleep and more sleep surface. During the first part of the night was experiencing a deep sleep, while in the second half increases REM sleep (Rapid Eyes Movement). The latter is characterized by the body is deeply relaxed, but the brain is of great activity. This is the stage where dreams occur. It is believed that through them, the brain tested situations, and assimilates the experiences of the day. Thanks to this new learning is consolidated and overcome distressing situations.

What are nightmares?

Nightmares are dreams that are unpleasant and always remember upon awakening. The child wakes up terrified, recalling a terrifying dream. Nightmares occur in the REM phase, so dominated the second half of the night.

Given that REM sleep the brain tries to assimilate, learn and test what has been experienced during the day, the nightmare might respond to something that the child lived and is "difficult to swallow." If nightmares occur frequently, is an indicator that there is an underlying anxiety state, and are encouraged to consult with a professional.

Nightmares often disappear as the child grows, it acquires new tools to assimilate and understand reality.

How to prevent nightmares?

• Avoid situations that may frighten the child before going to sleep: movies, stories, etc..

• Consider situations of anxiety to those faced by children during the day, and if possible, reduce its incidence. For example, if started going to the garden or the club early, if you spend many hours a day away from their parents, if you spend many hours in school, if you have trouble controlling sphincters, etc..

• Talk with your child about what happened in the day, and if the child is reluctant to talk or does not have well developed speech, try to invite him to draw things that lived in the day.

• Be aware that colds, fever, teething, etc.., Can trigger nightmares. Consult your pediatrician.

• Some temporary solutions can reduce anxiety, for example, leave the bedroom door open, leave a light on in the house at night, sleep in the room with a sibling, and so on.

What to do when nightmares occur?

• Reassure the child that can not downplay what happened.

• Stay at his side with an attitude of safety. The company is the best way to reduce fear.
• If you are a frequent nightmares consult a professional.

What are night terrors?

Unlike nightmares, night terrors occur in the first half of the night, due to a disruption in deep sleep. It is a difficulty in moving from a phase of deep sleep to a lighter sleep stage. There are times that the phase of non-REM sleep tends to be deeper than usual, because the child usually has little or poorly rested, and has difficulty sleeping and ease transition to a phase of REM sleep (more superficial).

This disorder often manifests itself between 2 and 5 years, but usually improve with age.

The child wakes up in a few hours after lying down. You can cry and mourn so desperate. His breathing is troubled, her pulse. You may have sudden and violent movements. It does not recognize anyone. After about 10 or 20 minutes back to sleep or wakes up completely. I never remember what happened.

What to do about night terrors?

• Prevention is best. Try to get your child to bed relaxed and calm. However, note that up to 5-6 years children are prone to these disorders.

• Stay with the child discreetly. Some children refuse physical contact during the episode, but staying at your side can prevent damage.

• Do not try to wake him. The child knows what is happening and have no recollection upon awakening.

• awakenings. If the night terrors are very common, and if the child is hurt, you can go to a program of awakenings, ie systematically awaken before it happens this episode. Also, consult a professional.
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If you just found out you're pregnant or a family member or friend is pregnant you're probably thinking of buying clothes for your baby. So we give you some simple tips on this subject. Do you agree?

Ideally, spend the money elsewhere and buy a few things for a newborn baby. Babies gain weight rapidly, so if you have too many clothes, most of you will have to give away without having premiered.

If you're thinking about buying baby clothes for a future for a gift, the first thing you think is in the season that will be born. If you are born in winter and the summer studying will be very difficult to find anything in winter, so you can get her something bigger for when the baby gets older and vice versa.

Also keep in mind that the materials you choose should be of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, thread, among others. No baby clothes should be loose hair because it can be inhaled by the child. And artificial fibers should not have direct contact with the baby's skin because it can generate some kind of allergy.

A Page That I Recommend You Visit Is www.tuttibella.com They Have a Wide Variety Of Clothing For Babies.

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Boost your odds of having a baby with these 10 tested tips.

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Many believe that children are only children are considered selfish, rebellious, rude and extremely egocentric. I think that this is not as well, as these values (or lack thereof) will be due to parental rearing.

If the child would have this personality type, then we could blame the parents. The ideal is to teach your child that the world does not revolve around himself.

They can also generate other attitudes such as being introverted, shy, insecure and low expressive if parents are very overprotective.

Without doubt, the only advantage of having a child can sense only in economic terms, because costs are lower when compared to parents who have more than 2 children, also believe that a person who grows up without siblings, he a lot to learn in life.

It is on the parents who are aware of these qualities and can choose not the pocket, but for the sake of the child.
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The children, should drink more milk?

The milk is much more than just food. Year after year, studies confirm that milk is the most complete food and there are many reasons why we must include in the diet of children.

A study by the University of Otago in New Zealand, concludes that children who do not drink cow's milk have more risk for bone breaks against those who do eat this food.

Also, drink skim milk enriched with omega 3, vitamins B6 and E and folic acid for 8 weeks, reduces triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and homocysteine, risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Drink milk every day stimulates the strengthening bones, improving nutrition, increasing intake of vitamin A, D, riboflavin, calcium and phosphorus.

They are very many benefits that has to drink milk daily. IncĂșlcale this habit that your child and let him take it in all its varieties.
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If you are pregnant and have cellulite, surely begin with a treatment to combat it. One of the contraindications in pregnancy is that creams, lotions or patches Cellulite is prohibited both in pregnancy and during lactation.

The reason for this prohibition is because these creams contain caffeine (active principle fundamental to combating cellulite). The caffeine is absorbed by the body, moving quickly into the bloodstream and reaching our baby through the placenta (during pregnancy) or breast milk (during lactation).

Also to look out for anti-cellulite cream if you want to start using contains the active ingredient, as there are many who do not and you could use it during this time.

It is best to start using it before you consult with your gynecologist and he will help you choose the right treatment and also whether it ideal cellulite treatment begins at this stage or do when the baby is weaned.

If you want to make a more natural treatment during pregnancy to combat cellulite is to eat a healthy diet, exercise, comfortable shoes, cold showers give leg massage and accomplishment (especially reducers).
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Anyone can boost their IQ—by as much as 14 points, research shows—just by following a few rules.

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Getting a Rapunzel-like mane takes time, but you can speed things up with these valuable tips.

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Experts advise that two hours a day watching television or playing video games should be the limit to ensure that kids can be more healthy, strong and creative.

Here is a list exercise or fun and easy ideas to help kids be active (even without realizing it, many times, that they're exercising!)

1. Walking the dog

2. Walking the dog next door (with the permission of parents and the neighbor, of course)
3. Tracing a kite

4. Throwing a Frisbee

5. Ask your parents or grandparents to take you to a park or other area where you can make contact with nature

6. Bicycling

7. Riding a skateboard

8. If you have a yard, pick up litter or leaves in autumn

9. Weeding or weed

10. Rake the garden

11. Playing the leads

12. Hopscotch

13. Playing with a hula hoop and see who can hold for longer

14. Learn juggling

15. Jump rope

16. Visit the zoo, amusement park or museum (lots of walking)

17. Washing the car

18. Have each family member wear a pedometer and make a daily competition to see who gives more steps. The losers are the tasks of winning the next day.

19. Play basketball

20. Playing football

21. Playing softball or baseball

22. Playing Tennis

23. Have a water fight with bulbs

24. Wear your bathing suit and run around the shower.

25. Go swimming (never without an adult to supervise!)

26. Give the dog a bath. The bigger the dog, you do more exercises

27. Accompany to walk more (a grandparent, for example)
28. Prance.

29. Make pectoral

30. Make an exercise video and do a good workout

31. Tripping

32. Learning to play golf, or be otherwise caddy

33. Playing tennis

34. Playing mini-golf

35. Go bowling

36. Learn to spin a stick

37. Take a martial arts class and learn self-defense

38. Build a fort and play cowboys and Indians

39. If you have a two-story home or basement, move objects up and down, one at a time.

40. Playing career

41. Wash the windows

42. Clean Room

43. Learn yoga, whether in a class or a video

44. Brisk walk

45. Learn to dance

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Grandparents are an important support for parents as for children. They routinely provide care to children, financial assistance and emotional support. Sometimes they claim to provide much more, including the temporary or full time care and responsibility of their grandchildren ...

A growing number of children living in grandparent-headed households. This trend is due to:

* Increases in the number of families with one parent
* The high divorce rate
* Teenage pregnancies
* The jailing of parents
* Substance abuse by parents
* Death or incapacity of the parents
* Abuse and parental neglect.

In many of these homes, none of the biological parent is present. In most cases, children are cared for by grandparents are going to live with them as infants or pre-school and stay with them for five years or more.

These grandparents are a diverse group ranging in age from thirty to seventy. Many grandparents are ready to simplify their lives and take everything slow. Let that go and assume the responsibilities of being the primary parent again can incite many emotions, including sadness, anger, loss, resentment and possibly guilt.

This transition can cause stress and emotional and can involve a significant financial burden. The culture shock of dealing with children and adolescents of different generations can be enormous. The grandparent-headed households have a significantly high poverty rate when compared with other types of households.

Many grandparents in the role of child caregivers underestimate or are unaware of additional charges that his new role as' parents imposed on them''. Grandparents often assume that their role will be to nurture and reward the kids without having to set limits. When grandparents serving as parents, however, they must learn to set limits and controls as they did with their own children.

Many children living with grandparents arrive with preexisting problems or risk factors that include abuse, neglect, prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol and parental loss (through death, abandonment and incarceration).

This situation can create risks for both parties, children and grandparents. Caring for grandchildren can also be very positive and valuable. Grandparents bring the benefit of experience and perspective. They may also provide important stability and predictability and be a role model for his grandchildren.

It is very important for grandparents to receive support and assistance. Reaching out to other family members, clergy, support groups and social agencies can be helpful. Professionals recognize the important role that grandparents are raising grandchildren. While most grandparents are able to meet their own needs, can better meet the demands of parenthood.
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Depression is a disease of adults, and in fact, the changes that our teens go through during this stage of life puts them in a very vulnerable situation. In this note, the key to successfully confront and overcome this disease.

As we know, all people, including children, suffer from occasional periods of sadness or unhappiness. However, if these experiences are sufficiently severe or long lasting enough to cause problems in normal activities, one could consider that the problem is more than just a period of nostalgia or confused feelings, and that could be going through a clinical depression.

Depression has no cure, but can have severe consequences if not treated properly and on time. In the case of children or adolescents, a major impact on their performance in school, participation in activities they previously enjoyed, and time spent with friends and family. And the more they are removed and absent from social activities, their teachers, friends, or family itself may begin to tell you that something is wrong with them, who are lazy or even crazy. As a result of these comments, self-esteem of adolescents may decrease further, which forms a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to escape. In more severe cases of depression, young people can start thinking about suicide.

Knowing whether your teenager is depressed

If your teen is depressed, probably exhibit two or more of the following symptoms for two consecutive weeks. These should be exhibited behavior not normally observed is due to a change in behavior:


Has shown changes in their performance in school

Have difficulty concentrating

Easily irritated or angry easily

Showing persistently sad or unhappy

Has shown changes in their eating and sleeping habits

Was withdrawn and absent from activities and people that previously used to enjoy

It displays a guilt or anxiety

He complains of pain and physical discomfort

They have aggressive behavior, impulsive or high-risk

Talk of death or suicide

Causes of teen depression

The medical community still is not sure what are the factors causing depression, since the reasons that cause this disease are varied, and may be different for each person. In adolescents, it could be caused by stress at school or relationships with peers. Some teenagers get depressed when they enter puberty, because of its difficulty to assimilate change their bodies. One thing to note is that nearly 14 years, adolescent girls are twice as likely as adolescent boys to experience depression.
Taking measures against the presumption of a depressed teenager

If your child exhibits symptoms of depression for more than two weeks, you should seek therapy. Your pediatrician may be a good person to start with consultations. Probably will do some assessments to confirm that symptoms are not caused by organic disease or infection. If your doctor thinks that the symptoms are quite significant, could lead to his teenage son to a psychiatric or psychoanalytic therapy.

If you have never been involved with medical or mental health therapies, possibly may be somewhat apprehensive towards them. However, you should know that times have changed, and now, seek help from a psychologist, psychoanalyst or psychiatrist, does not mean that your teen is crazy or you're a bad parent. Nor does it mean that your child must go through years in therapy. The earlier depression is diagnosed and begins to be treated, the simpler of healing and recovery time will be shorter.

Treating and curing depression

Each individual responds differently to the variety of treatments that exist today. There are many ways to cure depression, and treatment of your child depends on the severity of their depression and the methods that you and the doctors feel they will be most effective for her son.

Some of these treatments include: individual therapy sessions with analysts, where the patient expresses their problems face to face sitting or reclining on a divan group therapy coordinated by psychologists, where several patients suffering from similar problems confidentially talk about their difficulties helping each on others, family therapy, where the entire family attends meeting with psychologists or psychoanalysts therapies psychiatric medications, prescribed by psychiatrists and, in the vast minority of cases, temporary admissions in psychiatric clinics.

If you suspect your teenager is depressed, seek treatment as soon as possible to help them overcome their disease. The longer you wait, the more severe could become depression. Contact your pediatrician or mental health counselor at your hospital for more information about depression.
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A disease of our parents can become a major source of demand for us, generating crises and conflicts which if not understood and handled in time, they end up aggravating the situation. Learn how to avoid it.

As the disease progresses, children or relatives are suffering watching your loved one is deteriorating day by day and as it grows the need for extra care.

Given the lack of training and lack of guidance and preparation for living this stage, many feel anger, guilt, shame or confusion, so it is necessary to understand the pressure of caring for our parents are sick with chronic diseases.

Many studies show that carries the emotional care of elderly parents with such conditions: they produce feelings of depression, anxiety or guilt, as well as, perceptions of inadequacy in relation to what is done and not compatible with self-imposed reality .

It is often necessary to adjust the role of each member, as this type of situation can jeopardize their emotional well being.

While the ideal would be for both sons and daughters were shared equally the care of their parents, research shows that this type of task usually falls on a daughter or more rarely on the daughter. In many cases, middle-aged daughters can already predict who will have to assume this task, which could take years.

It is therefore advisable to know the obligations and rights of each member of the family, relatives or friends. Also, the investment of time, care and protection that will be needed. In this context it is important to identify relatives who will be in the forefront of care and who could replace the periods of exhaustion.

Many times we do not know how to deal with an ailing parent. It is best to be natural, be the same, letting intuition guide us. The disease strikes only the sick, but so does the whole family.

The family and disease

The family remains the core institution in support of the major social problems: housing, financial aid, affective-emotional containment and care against diseases. It is estimated that 85% of the attention and care they receive depend on the actions of their children, immediate relatives, friends or neighbors.

With the illness of older children in the family also suffer the consequences: the routine is broken and in need of emotional affective containment, extra guidance or discipline. It is important to make some chores in addition to those already met and not hinder access to sick grandmother or grandfather, allowing them to share time reading, talking or doing any other activity that the situation permits.

All dependent care of as you have had in his childhood a good relationship with their parents, and contributed to the care of his grandparents, has more ability to develop situations of disability, old age and understanding of the phenomena of decay, their own or their loved ones

It is important that children and family care providers are aware of the changes of the patient that the disease could potentially produce and be informed about changes in personality and emotional problems that may arise. Otherwise, you can generate acute tensions that hinder the recovery and severely alter the relationship.

What can we do when we feel overwhelmed by the situation?

Both patients and family members tend not to confront their own fears and afflictions. It is often not talk about it, leaving both parties denied the opportunity to express their feelings.

If the situation is experienced as very critical, you should seek referral to a psychiatrist or psychology team to guide the patient and the family group and to report on existing support groups for family members.

Usually the family caregiver is subject to be the target of annoyance and frustration felt by the patient and some members of the family. It is important to know that this happens, to understand what causes the hostility and respond with patience and compassion.

The children, friends, caregivers and neighbors must understand that in certain diseases, for example, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia and certain tumors, presenting behaviors are involuntary patients.

The negative attitude, memory loss, passivity, behavioral disorders, are only symptoms of the disease. Understanding and accepting this can reduce anger, anxiety, feelings of guilt and, above all, avoid conflicts among family members.

Through sharing, we can generate links containment, support and mutual understanding to sustain us through the period that lies ahead. We feel free to share anxieties and sadness but also joy and our love in ways that usually we found difficulty or defense.
The false joy

Sometimes, instead of the hostility that produces the situation appears a false delight. In most cases, the motive is to deceive the patient about the diagnosis or prognosis.

Perhaps it is important to lift the mood of the patient, but this does not mean we have to hide the truth.

Some people come out with statements such as "everything will be okay," but in reality is not "all right." If we insist on this, we deny the reality of the world's sick.

In response, the patient may depart, feeling abandoned and facing an uncertain world alone. Unwittingly, we risk "psychologically abandon" the person we want.

In these cases, we propose to handle the "truth appropriate" ie that the patient is willing and prepared to listen.
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Lazy Children


Anyone can have a child who does not want to be physically active. How can interest him in some activity and away from the risk of obesity?

Even when your child is not interested in team sports, you can still help you engage in activities that enhance self-esteem, strength, coordination and overall fitness.
Step by step

1. First, let an expert check your health and vision. Sometimes the refusal to participate in certain activities can be a symptom of problems.

2. Offer different options. There are many activities that can shape the kids. Not all of them have to do with computer games.

3. Open your mind. Some girls may want to play ice hockey or basketball, while some children may lean towards ballet or figure skating.

4. It suggests options that work both for those who like individual sports-gymnastics, swimming, skating, martial arts or horse-like for those who prefer team play.

5. Encourages non-sporting activities to build the spirit of teamwork. Participation in choirs or orchestras, volunteer activities and all those games that promote solidarity among participants.

6. Lay it, but not pressure. If your child has an interest in certain activities, not immediately assume you're looking at a future Olympic champion. Your child may only want to play tennis just for fun.

7. Be a good example for your children. Take a walk, go swimming, or subscribe to a fitness class.

8. Remember that your children may not be interested in sports that you loved in your youth. Let them go their own way. The important thing is to stay active and state.


* If your children are old enough, consider making a family conference on physical health. Discusses various types of activities, lists the advantages and disadvantages, and help your children to decide what activity to perform, either individually or with the participation of the entire family.

* The equipment is important. Before sending your child to physical activity, find out how much they cost equipment and clothing, and how often will be replaced.

* Remember that a preteen boy should not be involved in activities which include weight lifting. If your child seems interested in this type of activity, check with your pediatrician.

* Some children are not made for teamwork. It is that simple. However, there are many other activities they can do.

* In any case, the rejection of athletic activities by the child should not cause friction in the family.
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One feature that always ask when we buy a piece of furniture is that we provide the most pleasing sensations of comfort and convenience, of course, that this is also accompanied by the need for a design in accordance with our requirements in order to be installed in environments that our homes.

And reality is that options exist everywhere, and surely many of them fit perfectly with the tastes of users, but we are sure that the day you have the opportunity to see and try a Turkish sofa definitely will stop searching .

And to begin with, the size of their designs almost always make us doubt if they are furniture or dorm room, because we can easily build on them with the same comfort and space with which we do in the bedroom.

His designs lend themselves much to be considered minimalist furniture for its simplicity in the forms and finishes, but they themselves are a special and unique alternative in the world of furniture design.

By the same token, despite its tendency toward this style of decoration, also harmonize perfectly in other environments with different trends, but achieving the same success for the final results.

This type of furniture has been designed in the style and manner of the Arab furniture, and large spaces for comfort and relaxation at home, and that thanks to globalization have been fused with Western styles and designs to enjoy us too these exquisitely furnished.

They are not difficult to find in stores and you will surely find the Turkish furniture that you will be smitten and soon you'll have in your home.
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7 Secrets To Stop Smoking


It's time to take control of your life Smoking is waste money on something that will ruin your health and your life. Not only risk your health when you smoke, but put at risk the health of your loved ones by your side. You are solely responsible for any health problems that could suffer family, friends and even your pet if you smoke near them.

What are the effects of smoking on your health?

Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals and at least 400 of these are toxic. When you inhale a cigarette, what happens is that the heat burns and snuff produce these toxins. The most dangerous toxins are the tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and its components. The tar is a carcinogen that causes cancer and nicotine has been shown that elevated cholesterol levels. Carbon monoxide it does is it reduces the oxygen in your body, It is proven that the components of the gas produced by smoking contributes to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The harm caused by smoking, is tied to the amount of cigarettes smoked, regardless of whether or not filter or how it was prepared.

Seven secrets for you to quit today

1. Every time you smoke you are filling your lungs with mucus and tar. When smoking is forming a sticky substance that is black, the result of cigarette tar, which accumulates in your lungs. Your whole body feels the effects of the accumulation of this pitch because it reduces the exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nutrients between the tissues and your bloodstream. The effects of smoking are most notable for you when you notice that you do not breathe as well as before, when you begin to suffer from chronic cough due to excess mucus you produce. But despite all this there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you stop smoking now, I still have the opportunity to clean your lungs and begin to heal. According to the National Cancer Institute, if you stop smoking today, your body begin the healing process as soon as 12 hours after you've smoked your last cigarette. In about three months, your lungs will show an improvement in function.

2. Depression can be caused by smoking. If you smoke and you feel a little nervous, but really what your smoking habit is the reason. Smokers usually do when they feel anxious because they think that smoking will ease the cramping. This is totally false, in contrast, smoking probably what you are doing is increasing their state of anxiety. The anxiety begins 20 to 30 minutes after smoking your last cigarette, because it is then that starts the effect of cessation. By quitting discover a new life, anxiety and depression will be things of the past. You'll feel like you have more control over your life.

3. Smoking will reduce your chance of living. Studies performed show that smoking can shorten your life by seven to eight years. Stop smoking today and gain the opportunity to enjoy your life and your family for over tiempo.Dejando stopping now have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

4. Smoking causes major diseases. The sad reality is that these diseases can be prevented simply by not smoking. Nobody forces you to inhale that cigarette smoking to choose. Each time you inhale, is like asking who gave him a deadly disease. The biggest cause of death by smoking is cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks, strokes and paralysis. The blockage in the vascular system may cause to gangrene and amputation of both feet of the fingers. 90% of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking. Other cancers that commonly occur in smokers are those of the bladder, esophagus, kidneys and pancreas. These are just some of the diseases that can be smoking, unless the decision to quit now.

5. Male smokers usually have a low sperm count. Studies show that male smokers sometimes show that mutations in sperm results in infertility. They are also prone to erectile dysfunction. Women who smoke may also have difficulty in being able to get pregnant.

6. Smoking not only causes adverse effects to their health, but also makes you spend money. It's an expensive habit that can cost more than his life. Not only spend money buying cigarettes but also will have to buy gum, mints, dental procedures to whiten your stained teeth and also in dry cleaning costs to get rid of unpleasant odors from smoking takes his clothes. Could literally save thousands of dollars over the course of your life if you stop smoking.

7. If his life is not interested (but perhaps no one cares), you may want to stop smoking to save the lives of those he loves. The secondhand smoke can kill your loved ones. If you smoke near them, you will be solely responsible for their health problems, even to their deaths. Is it worth smoking knowing the damage they can do? Innocent people who breathe secondhand smoke are at risk of developing lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and serious respiratory problems, such as shortness of breath, cough and excess phlegm. Smoking near a child can cause asthma.

There are so many benefits for your health and your overall well-being that you get to quit. The first thing you'll notice is a general feeling of wellbeing. Greatly improve your physical appearance, whiten your teeth, you will not have bad breath, your skin will look better without deep wrinkles caused by smoking. Reduce the risks to your life significantly, you will save much money and not harm the health of those around you.

Your health is priceless. The health of your family is priceless. For a gift so precious vote like your health. You have the option of quitting. Do not waste your life with this very nasty and dangerous habit. Stop smoking now so you do not repent after failing to take control of your life. After all smoking is a habit. Habits are easy to break, can be done with determination and a little help. You can make a person healthy and free of smoke. Make the decision today to quit smoking.

For More Information About How To Stop Smoking Visit: www.Stop-Smoking-Club.com
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Make breastfeeding easier for you and your baby by starting off right.
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If it’s all you can do to drag yourself through the day, why not increase your stamina with these time-honored techniques.
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Twin Bed


Sleeping in separate beds does not mean something is malfunctioning in their marriage. Know your benefits ...

It is not a usual practice, but has been successful in the United States, country where one in four couples living together purchase separate beds.

For 2015 it is predicted that sixty percent of the homes have two bedrooms. "You can not deny sleeping with another person implies a great effort and a tolerance that can sometimes break," says the Argentina Navy Salmeri sexologist.

Rest well is one of the behaviors that are lost when you share a bed with someone else. "If your partner snores, moves a lot, has a tense sleep will affect your partner and this will affect sleep and long in sexual intercourse and sharing everyday," he continues specialist.

To avoid the blame for not letting that both sleep and quiet sleep, sleep in beds in different rooms is even an option.

"To prove it does not hurt. The couple sleeping separately does not mean that they become roommates, can have better sex life and relate better if there is this tension, blame and constant fatigue, "said Salmeri.

The choice is interesting because the statistics say that sixty percent of men snore.

If both work and their waking hours do not match, is a good choice of sleeping in different rooms. The temperature of men and women are also unlikely to be couple: if it is hot, but she also cold disagreement will arise can be avoided.

"Having a bed for each zero tolerance does not mean life as a couple or unaccompanied.

There are times when you need to have a good sleep and not be in a bad mood all day, it is best to have a place for everyone, so that the meeting be more productive and desirable later.

It should be clarified or beds to sleep in separate rooms has nothing to do with a poor sex life, "says professional.

Benefits to consider when separate beds

- Eliminate the criticisms and problems snoring.

- Everyone can do what he wants without fighting. Watch TV, read or sleep.

- Discussions have just in case it's cold or heat.

- Not if your partner is often wake up several times during the night to go to the bathroom.

- No more problems in the morning when you get up and the other did not. Moreover if one of the two partners have a night job or sue you wake up at dawn.

- Have their own room and privacy in your home.

Although not a trend that will delight, is an alternative for those who complain of their partners and want to try to improve the emotional relationship in more ways than one.
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Sooner or later we'll do this question. Better know the answer before they close the toy ...

Grandparents have a great reputation with respect to their grandchildren. The vast majority of them love to make gifts to children. All that the kids want them they are given. Obviously as long as you are within budget. But the most difficult task is to decide what gift to give, especially as they grow. So then we offer some options for you to decide what to give:

Start with the father and mother

It is always best to consult with parents. These can help you choose something. They can also tell you what not to buy. They may also have concerns about certain toys or want to give away the same as you had thought. They are also the most knowledgeable about the tastes and needs of their children. If parents are in a bad economic situation maybe you can help by giving away clothes or other necessities.

The gifts must meet the child

It is important to choose the gifts that meet not only the interests of their grandchildren, but their ages and abilities. Your grandson may not want to use a gift that is too advanced or too simple "-for him.

Grandchildren are related to your gifts with care and dedication. Even the kids have very different interests and desires. Most importantly, she likes the gift. Not because it is man who will love you give away a ball or because she is a doll.

If you purchase a gift to encourage a certain activity or develop a hobby or athletic ability to share this information with their grandchildren. They appreciate knowing that you take time to think about a suitable gift.

Financial gifts

Some young people seem to have it all. The last thing we need is another toy. If this is true in the case of their grandchildren, perhaps you can give money directly to them, or provided to any method of saving.

This is also very good for help, and your grandchildren when they grow to recognize that their grandparents contributed to their welfare.

Beginning traditions

You may want to start a tradition, which may allow even honor the special interests and personality of each child.

It may be that each birthday you want to give to their grandchildren books. As they grow you will choose a book to a certain age and personality. In this way help the intellectual growth of their grandchildren and they will know and look forward to that day.

You can also give him his memoirs, which will eventually turn into something very special for their grandchildren, a family treasure.

If you like the arts, can make special gifts. For example things done by their own hands as textiles, painting, etc..

The boys also have a great interest in how their parents were children. You could give a gift that has to do with it, such as a picture book or a toy that belonged to them. Sure in the case of giving an old toy it safe, since many of the vintage toys are not.

Consider the safety

Any gift you choose, you should be safe. Each toy specify for what age is recommended. You can also consult with specialists to see if what you give away is safe for your grandchild's age. Also consult with parents is a good choice, as these tend to be well informed about the safety of each toy.

Time together

Spending time with your grandchild may be able to be the best gifts. You can plan a trip to the park, zoo, theater, movies, etc.. You can even take them to the toy they choose for their gift.
Spend time with them is not only a gift, but also helps solidify your relationship with them. They are gifts for you both enjoy.

Watch your budget

If your grandchild asks a computer, and this exceeds your budget you could mingle with people or with parents to buy it. Or even buying some software can help. Although we hate to disappoint our grandchildren or being taken advantage of by the other grandparents, the important thing is not going beyond our means. Your grandchildren will understand.

You may wonder what kind of gifts do other grandparents to their grandchildren. Most often give away clothes, books, toys, CDs or DVDs, video games, other electronic devices, computers or software.

Perhaps you get an idea of the previous gifts that you have already been done. Other options may be to buy tickets for theater and sporting events, like a ballet, a football game, a music concert, etc..

But whatever it is what you choose to give away-is expensive or not-your grandchildren will know that wine was made with all the love you have for them.
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