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Why do so many parents make the mistake of constantly keep their children occupied? The importance of practice and leisure activities for children

Finding the balance between the schedule of activities for children and over-scheduling activities can be a difficult task for parents, especially when the pressure to compete and excel begins in the early school years.

Parents should teach their children to make decisions, and also must also learn to recognize their own anxieties related to the desire to see them succeed.

No kid should have his day full of scheduled activities. Parents should not put this pressure on their children for several reasons.

One of the duties of parents is to help their children make appropriate decisions, make sure to get enough sleep and try to prepare them towards a successful future.

But what does this actually mean? How can parents know when it has gone too far?

First, a parent must identify a purpose behind each of the activities that their children practice and ensure that these aims are appropriate to the age of the boy.

For example, during the preschool years, the objectives should be primarily social-teach kids to respect, sharing, listening, etc..

In the years of school, the kids are ready to begin building your skills, so they must be exposed to different types of activities-from languages to sports and music, so they can see where strengths and weaknesses-and their tastes.

Gradually, its activities should be accommodating to their strengths. Adulthood is the period in which they enjoy the qualities acquired in previous stages.

An indicator of over-programming of activities during the school years is the difficulty that the kids have to wake up in the morning.

Maybe not enough sleep. Children should wake up on their own. If you intervene to get them out of bed, you could be at a clear indicator.

Moreover, irritability and crying at a frenetic activity is also a symptom. Not all activities may cause your child a constant joy every day, but undoubtedly will have something attractive to the child or not be well-and in some way express his disgust.

The inability to enjoy yourself can be a consequence of the lack of free time. Our goal as parents that our children must develop the capacity of the trial in order to reflect and even fun.

The right balance

A smart way to discover what they love your children is giving them the choice of a sporting activity per quarter.

They can learn English and take music lessons, and must also have free time.

There must be a balance between structured time and free time. Free time is needed to encourage imagination in children.

In any case, is not the intention of the article to prevent your child participating in various activities. During the holidays, for example, if your kids are home for a week, will soon begin to spin like caged tigers, so it will be good to find some kind of activity for those days of leisure.

But is your child too busy? Clearly, there are some guys who have much to do, and have very little time to do.

It is a suffocating situation for the infant, especially when their parents are pushing for those who practice such activities.

Whoever is at fault, one thing is certain: the over-occupation is a reality in the days running.

Why boys are so busy?

In some families, the kids accept these tight schedules because they will not be excluded from their circle of belonging.

Teenagers, meanwhile, feel the pressure to keep their schedules full of activities, perhaps because they want to be sent to the school of your choice.

Some parents may feel obligated to keep their children occupied, instead of giving them the opportunity to play, explore and learn on their own.

Parents also may feel the need to involve their children in classes or activities because they believe their kids are missing something that other children receive.

Generally, parents want whatever seems best. Even when intentions are good, each child can easily become overloaded by too much activity.

The pressure to participate in various activities all the time can be daunting since the physical and emotional for both parents and kids.

Of course, the activities and organized sports are beneficial for kids for several reasons. First, encourage social interaction and provide opportunities for play and exercise.

They also promote cultural enrichment, teach camaraderie, discipline, and strengthen the capacity of conflict resolution. And above all, are fun.

The key is to keep things this way, and ensure that children do not begin to choke.

Symptoms of excess activities

Sooner or later, the boys over-busy themselves begin to show signs of excessive activity.

While each child is different, the most common is the child:

· Feel tired, anxious, or depressed.

· Was complaining of headaches and stomach, possibly due to stress, to disordered eating and lack of sleep.

· Shows little willingness to make school obligations, generating an overall decline of the notes.

Moreover, over-occupation often have an impact on friendships and social life of boys. The family can also suffer when their members are in different directions.

When a parent is driving to basketball practice the other is going to tennis lessons. Many times, meals with all family members are utopian.

Consequently, kids are lacking a crucial time to connect with his family. In addition, the weekly yoke keep kids from one class to another, from one game to another and from one practice to another can be tiring and stressful for parents.

Tips for Busy Families

Even parents who try to help their children to moderate their activities may have to deal with coaches who can not tolerate absences and kids who want to be with their friends.

However, it is important for parents to discuss the situation calmly and make sure their children are not experiencing activity overload.

The key is to organize things in moderation and activities according to age, temperament, interests and abilities of your child. If something is too advanced, the experience can be frustrating.

If it is too challenging, you may be bored. And if you want to do an activity, practice or just to please you, so it will be enough to forget and think about something else.

Depending on the age and interests of your child, you can set reasonable limits on extracurricular activities and help make them more enjoyable for both you and your child.

Here are some simple suggestions:

· Agree to certain ground rules before things get out of control. For example, plans to practice a sport per season, or limiting the activities to two afternoons or evenings during the school week.

· Before saying yes, make sure your child knows how long it takes to practice this activity.

For example, will there be time to practice between classes? Does your child you realize that soccer practice is twice a week, right after school until dinner time?

Also, there will be a weekly party. Will comply with homework? Is affected their academic performance?

· Keep a calendar to stay organized. Display it on the refrigerator or another prominent spot so that the whole family can be aware of the day's activities.

If you find an empty space on the calendar, leave it as is and advantage to rest.

· Even when your child is enrolled for the entire season, let miss a class or two. Sometimes using the opportunity to allow you relax on a beautiful day is more important than going to another activity, even after you pay the monthly fee.

· Hicos parents attending the same activity, to make things a little easier, take turns to take the kids.

Thus, if you can carry five or six children, take your turn every five or six classes. It's a big difference ...

· Try to balance activities for all children, and for you too. It is hardly fair to spend time and energy being one of your children to an activity and leaving little time for the other.
And do not forget you also need some time for you to do things you enjoy, and spend happy moments with your family.

· Create family time. If you can only eat a slice of pizza while you dress for night-before going to court for one of your children, it may be appropriate to think about planning the calendar of activities for the kids in a way that respects the time dinner. Even, you could delay the dinner a while so eating all together.

Also, be sure to create family leisure time, like playing cards, a board game or go out biking together.

· Set priorities. School must come first. If your child is in trouble, academic, must keep studying instead of going to karate class.

Learn to set boundaries and say "NO". If your child is already engaged in many activities and is saying he wants to take piano lessons, say it is not possible to add another activity, and must discard some to practice his new interest.

· Not underestimate the importance of leisure time. Everyone needs a chance to relax, reflect, or simply do nothing.


Take a moment to think about the lives of your children. Reflect. If you think you are over-busy, invite them to sit around you, perhaps by offering a glass of chocolate milk-and decide together which activities to delete.

If you have children very structured, with school, extracurricular activities, and tasks, whose days seem carved in stone, should help ease their lives.

Bike riding, taking a walk, play cards, listen to music, or simply do nothing for a while, give your children some of their needed rest.


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