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What to consider before buying a carpet?

Beyond color and texture, there are other details to keep in mind before buying a carpet.

As a first step, take precise measurements of the area to be covered before going to the store, although it is very likely to be directed to the home seller to advise and take accurate measurements. This visit is usually free.

"There are basic differences like the difference between a carpet and a folder. The first covers from wall to wall and sticks to the floor.

The second covers only a particular space and does not stick. We will see what more should be given the space to be taken, "says Spanish fashion designer Maricarmen Ortiz.

The placement of a carpet can do more sophisticated environment to be covered with it, but we must also bear in mind that often messy, special care must be taken not to wear and cleaning must be conducted with particular products to achieve maximum benefits.

"Multicolored rugs or dark stretches more easily hidden than those clear dirt or smooth. Keep in mind this detail especially if there are children in the home, professional advice.

Fiber surface of the carpet may be nylon, polyester, acrylic, cotton or wool. "Nylon is strong and waterproof. Liquid stains are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The polyester are less durable than those done with fiber and must be especially careful with wool and can cause allergies in some people and animals, "says Ortiz.


- The entire carpet dirty more especially if placed in a heavily trafficked site.

- We must be clear safeguards as they rarely cover all the oversights that can result in a home

- The folder has the advantage that can be removed and easily cleaned

- Buy products specifically for keeping the carpet clean.

- The budget request must not forget also ask about the price of installation and must be done by a professional.

- Ask about special anti-stain treatments available on the market.

- The ideal is to get used to walking barefoot on the carpets to avoid a bigger mess.


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