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Pull down the calories in this recipe may seem tempting the impossible, but a matter of following some simple steps. Learn to not resign flavor while fats avoid reading this note.

We all have a weakness for a dish ... or several. And usually all of our favorite food tasty has its correlate in the number of calories it has. More kilos equals more flavor is not a good equation. To convert a fattening dish that one healthy, only enough to recall some brief instructions:

1. Identify all the elements of calories in the original recipe.

2. Make a list of low calorie products that may be candidates to replace them. To do this, start small. Start by replacing a portion of the original products for those low in calories, and go see how much affect the taste and consistency of the original dish.

3. Sometimes it is leaving a small portion of fat so that the dish does not lose identity. Also, remember that the complete elimination of fat is also unhealthy. If you cook in the oven, especially a small quantity of fat is essential to give substance to the dish.

4. If your recipe calls for eggs, replace them with a substitute. An egg has 4 times more calories than their more common substitutes such as tofu.

5. In those sweet dishes that are baked (usually cakes), replace the oils, shortenings or margarines for pureed fruit or applesauce.

6. Use skim or low-fat instead of whole milk.

7. Use nonfat mayonnaise or low fat cream instead of the normal. Yogurt (nonfat, tasteless) is also a good candidate for replacement in such cases.

8. Elevate the skin of poultry, either before or after cooking. The chicken, for example, if you cook it dry without skin, so it is wise to ensure they do not come to the table removed after cooking.

9. Olive oil adds much flavor to your meals, true, but too many calories. Try replacing it with low fat margarine and is not sufficient for the desired effect, control the cooking and add water periodically if food is sticky.

10. Learn where the fat can make a difference in the taste quality and where it can dispense it without major problems. This gives the experience (ie, the number of hours you spend in the kitchen) and experimentation. Remember to keep trying the product substitutions by little, to better see the results.

11. Balance the reduction of high-fat ingredients with dressing. This may change the original flavor of the dish, but rarely turn into a bland meal without personality.

12. Learn how to find the taste to foods low in calories. Even the most dull light recipe you may find a gourmet twist. Try serendipity ingredients (the fewer calories are better) to create personal dishes and tastes that reach ever imagined.

13. Pursue vegetarian ingredients. Vegetarians (or vegans, its most extreme, who do not eat no matter of principle derived from the cow) are experts at finding natural substitutes for each element with a high counting calories.

14. Do not forget the soup. A little flavored broth can be an excellent substitute for butter or oil.

15. Rely on the versatility of mayonnaise. A little low fat mayonnaise (just a little: too much mayonnaise, however small, can ruin any dish) is used to replace oil in the cakes. Dato useful if you want to use applesauce or fruit puree.

16. Can not resist those high-calorie dressings? A not to worry. Try mixing with cream or low fat yogurt, according to personal taste. The result may surprise you.

17. The milk powder is your friend. Condensed milk and low in calories it adds a lot of consistency to a plate, while removing fat. The data is ideal when you think of a tasty dessert and do not want to risk the diet.

18. Less quantity, more quality. It is never indicated to completely eliminate fat from the diet as mentioned above. So if a product low fat or skim is truly inedible, try rations drastically reducing calories. Use three times less sugar (or butter, or ingredient of conflict in each case) than usual, and your problem will be fixed.

19. If you can not leave the bread ... At least abandon his companions! If the bread is inescapable in their diet, as a matter of mere habit or taste, no butter or jam. Enjoy the unique taste of fresh bread, and if it is best toasted.

20. Follow all these tips, but not extremist. We hope not to be pushy, but we repeat once more to complete: completely eliminate unhealthy fats from your diet. On average, between 20 and 30% of your calories should come from fat.

These tips will serve to have a healthier diet, provided they do not forget.


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