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The stunning silence. Parents who see their children become independent or away from home for a while, they often feel an inevitable vacuum that puts in melancholy and insecurity ... how to overcome the empty nest syndrome?

At the time of emancipation, there is a change that many parents feel: a role ends. The role of cooking for them, play with them every day, to awaken and receive ... some things change.

How do I take it?

The fact miss them and love them more often is as inevitable as normal. But that does not mean that separation is a natural process of growth and maturation, the product of good education that parents give their children, and that should be taken with patience and ease.

It is time that parents spend more on themselves, go, work, share time with friends, not worry about aesthetics more so, and so on.

Time spent with a passion for the children for years, may now become fun, entertainment, dedication to self. Childbearing years have passed, including serious crises and great moments of happiness, take this new phase as a "reward" the effort, not a bad idea.

And even when their children need them, act as if I want why not spend more time enjoying the rest of their lives? Leave behind some of the concerns they had when they were little and admit that they have already grown.

Ask yourself as I would be at age 85, on his personal life, your friends, your hobbies, passions, work, etc.. the conviction as a trigger to start enjoying a little more.

Do not sacrifice your dreams and goals. Assert yourself goals and know what you want to achieve. Continue with your life interrupted projects could not realize for one reason or another.

Identify the reasons why you can not make progress on their projects, they do say "no" when means "yes" and vice versa. Be patient and persistent. At least 30 days will get a change in behavior and make it a habit, and at least six months for a habit begins to become a part of his personality .... but worth it.


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