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The difficult time to introduce your new "friend" to your children and how to make it easier for all

"Meet my girlfriend"

If suddenly meet someone and the relationship appears to be special, as responsible parents we know we must prepare to report the current situation the most important people in our lives: our children.

Knowing someone when you're a single parent can be complicated, but it's definitely a child's play when compared with the trauma of having to tell your children.

Besides fears of your children to be replaced, you must also take account of the fear generated by the possibility of having a wicked stepmother.

Such fears are, from the perspective of an adult, of course unfounded, but your children are legitimate and need to be addressed.

So how are you going to tell you that you've met someone special, that there may be someone new in their lives?

Here are some suggestions-and some obligations and prohibitions - to help in this task.
Tell children about your new "friend"

* Be honest with your children

If it's a nice story and funny, not afraid to tell your children how he first meet your new friend.

When painting a picture you will be pleasantly romantic in a way, teaching your children that the romance is important and that is something to be hoarded.

Also, tell this story your children will appreciate your honesty, which usually is the language that children speak.
· She inquires about their feelings

Ask your children how they feel about the fact that you have a new "friend". Of course, it may surprise you and tell you that they are happy for you.

A beloved and well-bred boy is a little person empathic. Our children want to be happy, and they know better than anyone (luckily) that cuddles and kisses are required for all-even for Dad.

* Make them feel safe

Remind them that they are, and always will be, the most important people in your life. Nothing and nobody can ever change that fact.

* Suggest the possibility of an encounter

Honor your children and show them that you think they have the maturity to handle the situation. Future plans made flexible (read: no promises) and suggests that "when the time is right, maybe you could arrange a meeting to get acquainted. Whatever you do, do not rush things.

It is best to take your time and play safe. The last thing we want is for your children to get involved emotionally with a good woman, only to witness how the relationship breaks down-which would definitely suffer in the form.

* Prepare your children for the presentation

If you plan to make your children know your new partner, reveals what you like about it previously.

For example, you could say she has a great sense of humor who likes to have fun telling you about his daily life: "You know what Laura told me in the office today?

It was a really funny comment. He told me long ago observed the way I walk and I do like a monkey. " Doing this will prepare the boys emotionally and make it easier to find when face to face.

So they will know her in some predetermined level of confidence to her.

* Keep your family traditions

Do not start canceling family traditions for the simple fact of having met someone. These traditions are very important for children, and are those that tend to produce the most positive impacts on their lives.

Not only the kids remember these traditions for the rest of their lives but also tend to spend their own children the torch of the same traditions that you or perhaps your parents or grandparents have invented.

Do not gripe about family traditions. However, to make the necessary arrangements to include a new participant.

* Ask permission

If you have teenage children, and think sleepovers with your new friend, ask permission before doing so.

Reassure them that you have a cell phone and always on, and can contact you for any reason. partner


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