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When choosing a hotel for your vacation, you should think about wellness, fun and safety of children. This is a guide to the considerations to keep in mind

If you're thinking of going on vacation and have children, there are some issues to keep in mind when choosing a hotel. Of course, not all hotels take into account the smallest in its activities and you must take care to discover what they are.

Of course, the menu for adults will be much richer and varied, but children can often be an impediment to carrying out these activities. Then all you have to know about fees, activities and safe for the kids.

Some general issues that many often overlook, they have to do with food and discounts for children.

* If a free breakfast is included in the stay, does it have something your kids will want to eat?
* Do kids eat free in the hotel restaurant?
* Does the child stay is free of charge?
* What are the conditions of the program stay open?
* Do you get an extra discount if rent more than one room?
* You could get a cheaper rate by renting two adjacent pieces so that each of your children stay with an adult, instead of renting two rooms as a family of four.

The best hotel for your children

* What kind of pool is the hotel?
* Do you have a separate pool for children?
* The pool has a lifeguard on duty? When on duty?
* Does the hotel have a common area for recreation? "This area is supervised?
* Are there non-smoking areas inside the hotel?
* Can you sign adjacent pieces?
* Is there rent cribs available?
* Is there cots available for rent?
* The hotel restaurant has a menu for kids?

Babysitting services

Many hotels offer child care services, however keep in mind the following points:

* Some will have a specific structure of nannies.
* Other hotels hire nannies or babysitters to external agencies.
* In some instances, children are taken outside the perimeter of the hotel for their care.

Is it convenient to use childcare?

If that night the hotel offers a special activity for adults, then make it a special night for your kids too. Perhaps they can enjoy in-room movie, a new game or a delicious pizza. If you have teenagers with you, not make the mistake of using them as babysitters for the children.

These are also holidays for them. So if you want to use childcare, first you must determine if you feel comfortable leaving your children in charge of the hotel. In that sense, you'll want to ask some questions before making a decision.

* The hotel has a babysitting service internal or recommend any?
* What are the hours of babysitting service?
* What is the cost of service?
* What are the time limits on the length of service?
* Children must meet certain conditions to enter the service, such as voiding control, presentation of certificate of vaccines and certain parameters of age?
* What qualifications and training of staff members have the service?
* How old are the same?
* Are there any criminal background checks made on staff?
* Is the staff is trained to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation in infants and children?
* Can take the kids to the pool of the hotel?
* Does the facility and caregivers of children are properly insured?
* What security measures are used when removing the kids from the center?

What if the hotel employs a service outsourced child care?

If it is an outside agency, get the phone number and call you personally. Surely, you want to know if the hotel has a space designed to meet the demands of children safely. It is always best to talk to the agency directly (you can make a better assessment of the service), to obtain the information through the hotel.

How to make a room safer for children

Many times, hotel rooms do not provide security measures for minors, so parents can end up paying more attention to what their children play with relaxation and enjoyment. Remember that, once in the hotel, you can not invent magical security measures.

* Check the security of the cradles of rent. Do you have restrictions on weight? Does the space between the bars (if any) complies with the prescriptions of the existing laws?
* Do the rooms have childproof measures? If not, can the hotel provide earplugs to keep the kids touch, for example, the outlet?
* Calls to the hotel to remove any questionable film publicity for your room and block these movies to your room.
* Be first to look at the brochures and discount coupons that are in your room since many contain adult advertising
* Although hotels wash the sheets every day, even the best are too expensive wash and dry blankets or blankets for each tenant. Since you can not know what they did the previous tenants on the cover, remove it, and if you bring sheets for your children, locate them on the bed. On the other hand, will you feel more at home.
* Make sure windows and balconies are always closed.
* Evaluates the lattice of the balconies. Would it be easy for your child to climb it? Does your head can pass through the bars? These risks mean that you should consider always the possibility of renting the first floor of the hotel.
* Tell your kids the address and name of the hotel. Many major hotel chains have several locations along the same streets in tourist areas. Place a card style "I'm hosting at ..." in their pockets.
* Many hotels offer cards or postcards printed so you can use for this purpose.
* Teach them to stay safe if you have to be left alone in the room.

What if you leave children alone in the room?

* If you leave children alone in the room, tell them to always keep the door locked.
* Tell them never to say to others who are alone in the room.
* You should always ask the name and intentions of who is knocking at the door.
* Teach them to call the front desk to verify the identity of anyone knocking on the door before opening.
* If the person is not a hotel employee, and delivering something unexpected for someone in the party, tell your kids that you respond to stop whatever they bring in the receipt.
* If the person tries to deliver something and says it needs a firm, teaches your children to say they carry the message to the front desk. Then, make that call reception and shall authorize the receipt by them. Thus, it will be impossible to fall into one of these tricks to open doors.

Tour the hotel

One of the first things you do when you arrive to the hotel, is to undertake a small tour of the same with your children. Why? The answer is simple ...

* The help you feel more comfortable in their new environment.
* It is a good opportunity to introduce people to the reception, who could help them in case of problems. Let them know that the people behind the counter often change, but they can always be of help if needed.
* The help is not lost and know the way back to the room.
* You can teach fire exits, stairways and fire extinguishers.
* You can explain the safety rules of the pool area.

What the boys need to know about the hotel bill

* To avoid surprises when it comes to pay, explain how the room's minibar, telephone calls and films.
* If you do not want these services, you can request that the minibar service is removed (or select the items to be removed), and films blocked. Make sure that the reception staff know that the hotel has removed the items from the minibar.
* Tell all the boys that if they try to sneak something, the hotel billing system and the find, therefore, you will notice you.
* If you have older kids, reaching agreement on the use of the phone, especially on long distance calls.


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