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Makeup to Adolescents


The makeup has a special magic to the world as female children resulting in an attraction almost intuitive.

Preadolescence and adolescence are periods when you wake up even more interest in cosmetics and makeup, since the time between outings with friends and quinceaƱera parties of course have to look beautiful and sometimes exaggerates the colors or quantity of products to use. And precisely here is the key, since few brands of cosmetics intended colors and textures for them and secondly, the makeup that the women carry in their portfolio are not functional to use them, because sometimes the colors do not favor or making them appear bigger.

So I leave you some tips for you to orient yourself when buying your first cosmetic breast or if you're a "baby", can give good advice and make it look beautiful without losing the freshness of his age.

- Young women of this age should not use the base as they do not need a spell just like the color of their skin for dark circles, spots or pimples. This compact corrector-creamy texture must be sealed with a translucent powder to be fixed.

- To tone the skin with a beige pressed powder and place in the area of the cheeks a blush pink. It is vital that color at this age, probably not the color of the breast as it is a tone that corresponds to the girls.

- As for shadows: pastel colors, including shades of pink, salmon, soft green. And an illuminating color at the angle below the eyebrow.

- The younger kids should not wear eyeliner to her eyes, because that frame delineators tend to have connotations of sensuality, a feature that is far from what is desired at that time. The liner can be replaced for mascara, which will also frame the eye in black or brown.

- On the lips, bright and very bright, is the icon at this age.

- Finally and most importantly, the makeup does not affect the skin, but neither is created to remain in it, so get used to or accustomed to your daughter to take the habit of removing make-up before bedtime, which will avoid the appearance of impurities black spots and in time, the appearance of wrinkles.

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