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A New Brother!


How does the birth of a new baby to a toddler? What should parents do?
Author: Dalia Sneider

The arrival of a new member in the family, always movilizante for the family group and especially for his firstborn. From his inner world arise certain questions that refer to the place that will be assigned to the new member.

He feels that "his place" will be moved.

Behaviors in the child before the birth of a sibling

It is common to the news of the arrival of a sibling or after birth, the child shows in their behavior, some regressive behavior, "wanting to be a baby", to thus recover supposedly lost his place. Example: re-wetting, wanting to take a pacifier or bottle again.

You can also call attention to tantrums, fights with friends, nightmares, eating disorders, etc..

These are all ways to show jealousy through acts, without the mediation of the word.

With respect to these reactions is decisive response by the parents and not give too much importance to note that they are "visiting".

They affirmed their place will help the child, incorporating the idea of having a brother, to help with preparations and baby care to the extent that the child be interested, take time to be alone with him, he feels that he has not lost prominence and love of their parents.

Fraternal bond

This is a link to build, not a given naturally have one or both parents in common.

Based on how parents transmit the arrival of new member, they're going to be establishing fraternal ties.

Sibling rivalry is natural and inevitable, living intimately aggressive and loving feelings.

Man shows essentially selfish behavior with which people transferred their love, is slowly giving up its exclusive use, agreeing to tolerate certain losses and frustrations.

Keep in mind that this relationship helps the child to interact with peers and with time, as they grow, we are overcoming the rivalry, leading to greater unity and friendship.

Preparation before the arrival of a sibling

New Questions

The arrival of a sibling, triggers new questions on the child, which makes maturing and growth.

Questions about sex differences: the roles of male and female. Some answers we often hear are: "Dad has belly because it is fat, Mommy has a baby."

Questions also arise about the origin of life: How are the babies? Why where they come from? How do you make?

Questions should not be sealed as they stimulate the thirst for knowledge and curiosity in children, essential for the incorporation of knowledge.


It is important the message is transmitted to the child, if that brother was desired, if the parents are happy for their arrival. No "disguising" the love and affection towards the baby will help give value to give and receive.

It is the job of parents, foster sharing at home and not compete, learn to respect differences in each other, not to make comparisons because each has its time, individual likes and desires.

What makes the difference and particularity, is enabler, not coagulation.


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