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"If we're not going to bed the waist, the kiss of life ... love ends, ruling with great care a popular song. Are we in time to avoid it?
Author: Aloyma Ravelo

The daily routine and the couple

One of the most important issues in our lives is caring and multiply our affections be loving and caring for people who love to turn, we served and loved.

In the intimate sphere, everyone knows the category that reaches our quality of life in the rewards of good sex, a life in harmony. Then what happens? Why do not we care more for the parcels of life?

Angel Roca Perara psychologist, professor at the School of Psychology at the University of Havana, is the approach that many times the usual and everyday wear due illusion.

Then the fans love before and do not kiss, unaware of the deepest desires of your partner, do not even ask and equally rewarding themselves do not ask. Perhaps because they expect a formal denial or complacency is perhaps worse. The fantasies are finished and the repertoire of verbal exchanges about the erotic sphere reaches its minimum.

When you reach this point, it is very near the end of love, and lands on a barren marriage without accomplices jokes that both mitigate the conflict, the weariness of work and struggles of life. Little by little, one enters a routine permeated by exhaustion, as has Elizabeth, a retired teacher:

"They are 30 years of marriage, and instead of being happy for having spent so many years with a good man, still with me despite my temper and my obesity, I feel sad. Almost 20 spent raising three sons, but now the kids left home and live their own life, but I could not live the mine.

Give it some rhythm to my marriage, but to the beat of salsa, at least danzon. It seems that when marriage is neglected, there remain some attention as vacation alone or occasionally send children to Grandma's house, the space between him and you end up filled with cobwebs. And now I find the duster to undo them.

Boredom and routine, enemies of the couple

The moral of Isabel's experience is clear: The first reason for existence of a couple is your community, your personal satisfaction, irrespective of the children - and if this is over, everything else is formal.

Many misunderstandings and breakdowns can be avoided by paying attention and spending time with your partner, especially for as long as diaphanous flowing exchange, both verbal and emotional.

When communication is part of the code of the couple, and thanks to it are understood, respected, no rush or double assault contradictory messages, can be heard, it is obvious that this is conducive to better sexual performance for both .. One day in harmony, provides a great night sexual encounter.

Bored wives, husbands incommunicado ... and vice versa

When there are disagreements, friction inherent in any marriage is better ventilated somewhere outside the house where the very act of staying in public, contain the emotions and not unleash their pride.

It is recommended to use the bed as a boxing ring. Some couples insult in bed and then left in the memories of both those bad times.

In bed, just love grow.


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