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Daily routine often takes away the possibility of giving care to our garden deserved, especially our grass, either for lack of time because the soil type does not allow or adverse climatic conditions in order to plant grass, and the most viable solution is paved or at least put a wood floor.

Currently there is no need to stop having a garden and the facade of his house always needs the green and artificial turf has evolved fleetingly, so these models is far from green in the early 90s.

Manufacturers with their technological breakthroughs have made a great product. Among them we find the company that provides Royal Grass artificial turf and a special effect that looks like a real natural grass. Even when used in large areas is much like a meadow newly pruned, making it possible to use water on its surface, the play of children and any other activity you desire.

This artificial grass is of the highest quality product with the garden area provides a year-round green lawn in its entirety in any climate. It is so tough that hardly wear out and is placed in areas where transit more often as the pool or public spaces.

Installation is simple. First, you place a special layer of quartz sand, this allows water drainage in case of rain, it is also appropriate when it comes to support weights or place a portable pool because the pressure and did not alter water or the sun do change their natural evergreen.

You see, the artificial turf is one of the best options to give that enhances both looking at the front of his house, and best of all, it requires no special care due to its resistance to inclement weather, do not need fertilizer is docile to the touch, is good for the game of children, support large amounts of weight and has a long useful life.


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