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Tips for a modern mom


To daunting task and not die trying, here are some of advice that can help you cope and reduce the stress they cause all these requirements:

1. Avoid multitasking or do multiple things at once.

2. Take a break at least 3 times a day where "stop" all activity, sit down and do not "do anything for 15 minutes (which for more you do the list is endless).

3. Find my time or is time for you without children and without remorse.

4. Go out with your partner at least every two weeks and left one night a week to update.

5. Listen to soothing music (Real Music Company has a whole collection realmusic.com incredible).

6. Join with other mothers who have children the same age for them to play and you two talk of your things.

7. Lean on family or, pass the kids to grandma if using.

8. Do not use the little time you have to watch TV unless they are short and fun series for desintoxicarte and laugh a little (laughter remains one of the best therapies for stress and frustrations especially stop).

9. Get out of house with or without children, fresh air feels good the whole family.

10. Do not waste your time or money in shopping malls or going, is the most stressful but at that time you wish. Remember the motto: Less is more.

Above all, do not take so enserio, have fun with children, spend on irrelevant things (who cares if the house is not as clean as it used to) that of being a mom is a blessing that you must learn to enjoy every day.


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