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We know that one of the options for making a home more colorful and well finished is to use traditional wood floors, the same as those found in a wide variety of shapes and designs.

Similarly, grades and types of wood used in them allow us to have a great range of options to choose from. However, the spots are not alien to them and we almost always encounter some difficult to remove.

The best advice so that they are not damaged is to be kept always clean, removing dust them with a thick cloth placed the end of a broomstick, and occasionally using a paste wax that allows us to give the proper gloss and keep shining.

But you can be the case come to be some liquid substances that exist in the market to achieve higher brightness in them, for which we must be careful to not leave residues unturned to prevent the substance to settle on a undesirable and there are spots from there.

Today we can also find many laminated wood floors and which is sufficient to pass only a slightly damp cloth on them to give them the proper maintenance.

When one of our flats suffer from such difficult stains such as ink, for example, you can apply bleach on it using a cloth or cotton, but dries immediately with some absorbent towel to prevent another spot after we get more.

If fungal stains in wood floors, mix a quart of water with sodium triphosphate and with this solution is rubbed on the parts mushrooms with a brush. If it persists, it can be applied chlorine but taking care not to further derail the floor with him. Complete, there is always that mop around the floor with water to prevent these substances also accumulate in the surface cleaning.

Finally, to remove stains from candle, simply place some ice on them waiting for the wax to freeze, then going to remove it gently with a spatula to avoid damaging the floors.

Never expect that the spots to settle too long in your wood floors and always tries to remove them when they are generated on them.


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