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If you just found out you're pregnant or a family member or friend is pregnant you're probably thinking of buying clothes for your baby. So we give you some simple tips on this subject. Do you agree?

Ideally, spend the money elsewhere and buy a few things for a newborn baby. Babies gain weight rapidly, so if you have too many clothes, most of you will have to give away without having premiered.

If you're thinking about buying baby clothes for a future for a gift, the first thing you think is in the season that will be born. If you are born in winter and the summer studying will be very difficult to find anything in winter, so you can get her something bigger for when the baby gets older and vice versa.

Also keep in mind that the materials you choose should be of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, thread, among others. No baby clothes should be loose hair because it can be inhaled by the child. And artificial fibers should not have direct contact with the baby's skin because it can generate some kind of allergy.

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