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Now that the marks, credit cards and banks began the battle by launching various promotions every day of the week as a way to dodge the crisis, it also increases our anxiety to seize them. To avoid being caught in the middle of the fight or drown in a sea of glass, prices and products, there are some suggestions that ours is a happy shopping experience.

* Master your impulses. Do not go running to be the first to buy "that new outfit" that have recently started to offer local outlets. Take a break to decide if it is a priority purchase. Remember that in difficult times, it comes to saving and not add an extra expense to our ailing economy.

* Do not be innocent. Do not believe everything they say. Dude even the "offers-more-than-incredible" because they are just that, very credible. Many times these promises are conditional ridiculous. If you're tempted, do not dawdle. First read the fine print of ads and then re-think whether it is a fad or if you really need.

* Do not be influenced. This price war is a fatal attraction for "serial buyers" who, being in line to cash, if they see a product at a discount to hand carry it on impulse. It is proved that there are certain behaviors that allow trained salespeople know what potential client will make a compulsory purchase. Having self-control and be inflexible, is the watchword to prevent attempt to "sell" a combo that is not interested or is not safe to give a functional use.

* Concentrate on the details. Terminations and the type of materials determine the quality of a product, and not always guarantee it known brands (especially now, that make what little they get in a recessionary market). The price reduction should not mean a decline in quality. To save and make a difference in outlets or wherever, buy durable goods.

* Be selective. Promotions are an opportunity to invest in their image or that of your house and not to "spend" the first thing offered. Maximum rule applies: less is more. More quality, more durable.

* Be realistic. It is important to know, beforehand, your budget and what you get with that amount. Do not overdo the belief that their problems will disappear, magically, to use one or another credit card or have given product label. You have the power to say yes or no when it comes to your money.


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