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Light up Your Garden


Is there enough light to see properly while you grill? Can your guests see well enough to safely navigate around your yard? We give you some tips

A well lit home will help you and your guests from tripping and falling while you entertain outdoors, but more importantly, that deter criminals from trying to enter your home.

The following are various outdoor lighting options that will provide your home with safety, security and style:

Although the exterior lighting components differ, and there are different types of landscape lighting for a variety of purposes, comes in two general categories: solar or low voltage.

The low voltage lighting is available in a variety of brightness levels, and emits enough light for nighttime activities. A power pack supplies the electricity, and can be controlled by an automatic timer. This variant is proof lighting electrocution, and can be used safely around children and pets. It is usually on cost effective and easy to install.

Meanwhile, solar lighting does not need connecting wires, and is the most efficient in terms of costs, because it converts the sun's energy into electricity. Operation costs nothing and is easy to install. The solar components can not be used for intense lighting large areas or for activities such as grilling. However, work well to highlight pathways and features in the courtyards.

Whether you use low voltage lighting or solar, there are certain techniques you can employ to maximize the detail and decorating your garden or patio.

Downlighting - This technique makes pathways and walkways safe at night. Light is directed toward the bottom of the fixture to illuminate the areas through which you can walk safely. Can be used on steps, driveways and gardens that line walkways, and to accent patios or decks.

Backlighting - When using this technique, aim the light onto a surface behind the object to be illuminated. Backlighting can accent landscaping in your yard as well as light up fences, trellises or walls.

Front Lighting - Used primarily to create shadows and patterns of light to highlight works of outdoor art, fountains, gardens, and your home. It should be placed front and below the object to highlight, making the same or part of the house a focal point.

Keep in mind always the environment and your accounts for profit when installing outdoor lighting.

For outdoor lighting, consider combining efficient light bulbs with energy and motion sensors that turn on only when people are present. This approach provides convenience and security while greatly reducing electricity use. Although lighting accounts for only 3.3% of energy use in homes, it amounts to a large fraction of the electricity bill.


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