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Have you thought about growing in your own apples in your yard or garden?

It is always exciting this time before embarking on a new project. Whether you've been blessed with a large garden or you should settle for a small plot of 2 x 2, you can not lose the opportunity to have an apple tree in your house.

If you live in one of those rows of houses, and you have a front yard, you'll want a tree there, both to beautify the entrance to give a little shade. A common apple with a stalk of 1.20 m, serve to fulfill this function: delicious shade in summer and apples in the fall.

In a slightly larger garden, and you will be more ambitious and make a division between the area to be "throw you to sunbathe, for example-and the area where you plan to grow your vegetables.

Laced apples are ideal for these purposes. They have their side branches supported by wires that hold them in place using vertical poles or structures created especially for this purpose. This structure can be placed against a wall on which the trees receive the full benefit of sunlight.

However, against a wall, frost can not escape easily and if it grows hanging free, it would move without restrictions. Remember that cold air is directed downward. For its part, the lines of apples in a row are ideal for beds.

Cup Topiary

Have you ever seen the cup-shaped trees in Versailles? This is possible to shape the direction of the branches using stilts above the ground. As the branches reach the top of the post, they start to curve inward and bind to each other.


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