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CRYING AND COMFORT generally are quite crying babies, the reasons are varied, hunger, sleep, pain, heat, cold, dirty, fatigue, boredom, fear, etc.. Whatever the reason, crying is a form of communication, cries out of necessity and because he wants to be cared for, comforted and clothed by their parents.

Attitudes, Parents should respond to the crying of children, studies reveal that children are not cared for when they cry, they suffer some personal problems such as insecurity, fear and low self-esteem, on the contrary, children who are cared for when they cry tend to have better communication skills and safer behavior of themselves.

Addressing the child every time he cries is not consent, is an attitude of love and attention to needs that can not otherwise express.

The hours of crying may be a culaquier hour or every hour. If a child suffers from colic is normal to cry after making milk and other reasons are access to weep too hot or too cold. Parents should put all the ingenuity together with love to find out why your child cries and try to help the child to suffer no discouragement.

Crying harder to accept is the night, because sleep and fatigue makes parents often intolerable and difficult to carry, yet parents must be patient and resigned and in weeks or months the child exceed the access to weep and feel comforted if you learn to sleep through the night and only in case of sickness or other abnormalities, lugging the weight of the baby's crying.

Although not always have the challenge that the child stop mourn, some children have an innate tendency to weep and make great efforts, cries and cries.

Many parents are at the crossroads and take turns sleeping until the child has no more than a year can not solve the problem. We mean, sometimes not be possible to comfort the child, but one must always try, because there's a moment that your child will realize the care and attention lavished on her parents and can calm down and release all fears and internal conflicts lead him to mourn.

MEANS FOR reassure the child are numerous remedies to achieve calm a crying child, although none is foolproof. One of the things to consider is that children generally respond to movements and sounds. This is the one to blow up a little when the child is in an inconsolable state:

- For example it out for a ride in the car, since the movement and the purr of the engine will produce drowsiness, numbness and sleep.

- Rocking, or swinging on the arms or an artifact of these modern, like hammocks for babies with music, rattles, rocking culumpios or mechanical or battery type.

- Walking, dancing or doing stunts on his arms to keep him occupied and calm.

- Hug or crib arms as you sing or very soft background music type sound of water relaxing or nature, classical music also works well chosen.

- Rattles or toys with sounds and lights that can rattle and embellished look.

- The noise from appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers also tend to have a relaxing effect on your sound monotonous and less intense.

- The voice of parents, but especially the mother, because the child has been in contact with the voice of his mother in the womb.

The cause of the crying children cry because it is the way to communicate with their parents. The reasons as stated above may be varied: hunger, fatigue, lack of contact, cramps, change of duty, fear, pain, illness ... Parents should study the attitudes and signals the child to know the causes of crying, for example if she cries and sucks his fingers are likely to feel thirsty or hungry or irritable attitude manifests a strong perhaps be dirty and have rawness or when the colic if recently made the taking of milk.


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