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In order to deepen their relationship, he puts his wife responsibilities to care for their children. But she is uncomfortable in that role and wants her husband to take care of their children, or at least not put in the role of "stepmother" in the literal sense of the word ...

Experts advise not to force the between a woman and her partner's children. The role of raising them should always lie with hrelationship is father, and should only take charge in the event that the relationship is revealed as an intimate and friendly (which usually happens after many years).

The only way to incorporate an authority in the subconscious of a child is to respect the natural limits of the relationship. The father is the father, but no one replaces. Nobody can put in the role of the mother, if it is not, nor is it necessary.

The biological link is inseparable from then on, understanding can be constructed many bridges that can afford a healthy approach. Women generally feel a kind of obligation predestined to be "mothers", to pursue a natural task and often confused.

Those who put the goal of filling an empty space, are doomed to failure, at least until they understand its true role. Children do not accept replacements for their parents, let your partner take over the emotional relationship, and you try to be a good partner, to advise him if requested and if available when needed. The rest can come alone.

If your husband insists that this is the best way to approach their children Insist that you can not act as a natural mother, who only wants to start a loving relationship with their children and make it grow little by little. And also, it is essential to take care of their children and fulfilling their roles as fathers.

He can be good or bad, if necessary, you can not afford it, because somehow does not feel natural right to challenge them. His position could become an accomplice, confidant, being close to them without addressing them.

That will make the kids do not consider as an evil stepmother and distant, and not blame his father for being related to a hostile and disoriented woman.

Do not try to fill places, "empty" because in reality there are none. His father has his role and should follow it, the mother-eventually-the same.

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