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What to do when guests at home and stay for several days or months. Clues as to organize. What to consider when the family routine is disrupted and more tasks are added to those already have at home ...

Guests could be a pleasant visit if your stay is not too lengthy.

It's hard to refuse when you have a family relationship or friendship can not be nor wants to escape, but like everything, there are limits and conditions to be met by more bonding that exists.

"Guests disrupt family routines and habits. If guests stay for a few days, the routine does not suffer too much, but when the days and weeks drag on, the frictions are inevitable, although it has to do with education itself and the ways that each maintains and makes a person will exasperate or not, "explains psychologist Argentina Carmen Lazcano.

It is always advisable before the guests arrive at their destination, however, clarify things.

If space is not adequate, no more or rooms can not have more or unforeseen expenses is essential to discuss these things so that there is no discomfort afterwards by any member.

Tips on dealing with guests

- Do not commit to accommodate someone (or several people) when you do not have the facilities to do so for several days because the dynamic is upset and cause all sorts of problems.

- A good tip is to divide the household chores because they will be expanded to have more people present. Cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and clothes, arrange the work environment must be shared.

- The timetable must be respected and be clear as routine and continue to work despite having guests at home. Much more so considering that shared sleeping spaces that are of general use lounge.

- It is important to establish fixed timetables for certain tasks such as showering.

- If guests stay for a long time and several people (family of one of the partners), sharing the costs of food and service is best for good living and the family economy is not resentful for this reason.


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