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The family activities are essential and very important to achieve a closer, union and communication among its members. In these times where coexistence between parents and children are increasingly limited, we must pause and make some changes. We have many reasons or excuses not to live with our children, for example due to lack of time, money or work, but if you really have the interest being compatible moments together, surely we will find ways to achieve it.

There are many things that can be done either outdoors or at home, free or low costo.Para provide parents with the task of looking for those they like and where it can involve all, Here are some suggestions:

Activities that can be done at home

* Let sport: Parents should encourage their children to be active and constantly giving them better than a good example, plan physical activities where the whole family involved as well as being very healthy and promotes an approach more direct communication with ellos.Comience by making a list of activities that can be done indoors, for example, stretching and aerobics.

* Another way to make exercise fun way is through the dance.

* Build a family band and make music using as instruments the pots and pans for drums, rice in plastic bottles for the maracas.

* Make a family play the chosen theme favorite story of her children.

* Playing to find the treasure: This is hidden objects around the house and give clues to find hidden objects. Even to make it more exciting, the tracks of each member can be in any code to decipher.

* Play bowling with pine processed milk containers, juice bottles or empty cereal boxes and a small rubber ball.

* Make homemade dough sculptures will surely be great fun, the recipe for making the table is as follows:

Mix 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt 4 teaspoons cream of tartar, 2 cups water and 2 tablespoons of oil. Half hot flame until it forms a small ball. Remove from heat and knead until smooth. This mass can store in a tightly closed container or freeze.

* Design your family beach: There is a special paper called shuttle which serves to stamp any image on shirts or caps, you can do all the designs out of his imagination, drawings, letters or even photos (digital camera) of all family, pet or favorite character.

This is possible with the help of a computer you will be passed the design or photo you want to stamp, then printed on special paper sheet finally on the shirt or cap.

The transfer paper is not expensive, either shirts or caps, although you can use some already have at home and have no pattern.

Here you can find transfer paper prices.

* Cymbals delicious: Another activity that we can do with your family without leaving home and it does not cost, is to cook some dishes, there are recipes for children who are very easy and quick to prepare, then enlist all ingredients and cook together.

Click here to find several recipes for children.

Family activities you can do outdoors

* Go for a walk or take a walk to the pet.

* Make soap bubbles with a cup of shampoo and three cups of water to form bubbles and blow them to use a straw or form a sling with a thin wire or pipe cleaners. Then take your kids to a large place like a park to flow freely to catch the bubbles.

* If you live near a river or lake, take a swim in the family is another alternative to spend a moment together, or if you have the economic possibility may be to a spa.

* Family Olympics: Have your own Olympics with the best athletes can have: his family, made several competitions such as jumping or racing where everyone participates.

Outdoor activities that are low cost

* Organize a field day with the family.

* With chalk on the sidewalk or patio of your home can play on the plane traced with their numbers or rectangles and a circle with different countries to stop or play hopscotch winning who comes closest to your currency the line drawn with chalk.

* Playing with just a big soft ball can be great fun for your children, just put ingenuity and imagination games.

* Fill a cloth bag with dried beans and play to pass from one person to another, while dropping it.

* Skip or jump rope.

* Play with your kids to the spring, ask them the basics of the game, surely knows about them are girls.

* In such a family game of football, volleyball, basketball or baseball.

* If you are cycling or skating, one around the block on your street or in the park would be fun and relaxing for all.

* Another exciting option is to organize a family camp: If the garden of his house is large, so use it to set up camp, where tents have or can acquire some will be much better, if you prefer to choose a home outside a place wide and where the contact with nature as a park or in the mountains.

Get closer to your children and your partner, will lead the moments to be together, do not forget that communication and harmonious coexistence among members of the family is very important for this strong and healthy.


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