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Many times we have chosen the perfect partner for our home, either because it is nice and tender, because this fashion or just do not want to feel alone and acquire any pet for which we expect to arrive.

However, these requirements are not necessary when choosing one and know that this article points to keep in mind when deciding who will be your faithful companion.

1 .- The decision

The choice of animal should never be an impulsive act, if not vice versa, must be the result of conscious reflection also a conversation with the whole family.

Keep in mind that the pet during your life you will be responsible for and must engage all family members to take necessary action for this new friend.

When it's new pet need to understand that family life will be altered somewhat with this new member and at first it takes patience and sacrifice some things.

This is one of the keys to prevent dogs and cats there are more vague and do not go to engage the whole is better to wait the right time to have a pet.

2 .- How long do you have?

Depending on the time that we have free we must choose our pet.

For example, a dog requires the same time as a hamster, so we must be aware that it is our responsibility to devote the necessary time to our pet.

3 .- Your house

Many times a pet suffers from psychological disturbances that are related to the space has been allocated to live. So we must assume that any animal is not ideal for an apartment of 50 square meters.

That is why we must take into account the size of our home and see the yards where your pet can live that has no argument and neither do you.

This is not a determining factor when purchasing a pet but it can influence the coexistence of you.

4 .- Can you keep it?

When discussing the economic situation we refer to when purchasing a pet, since you can buy one in a caring society for very little money, if not, we refer to the safeguarding of this. The food, accessories, hygiene, vet visits, vaccinations, etc ...

5 .- What happens in summer?

Before purchasing your pet thinks you're doing well with it when going on holiday. This issue is very important because it is often in the summer that many animals are abandoned.

It's part of your responsibility to acquire it for what you have to consider this detail can be prejudicial to the beloved pet.

6 .- The age of your children, a factor

This is a very important detail. If what you want as a pet is a dog, we must consider what the appropriate breed for our children. Many dogs are not compatible in well with children, and usually more cranky and respond in a way that humans do not we look good.

Also, if you give to your child a pet you have to consider that perhaps your son will not be responsible for this so there you see give it away when it is appropriate and what is the ideal pet.

7 .- goodbye to your pet

We know the average lifespan of our pets so our children know how to explain the death of our dear friend.

8 .- When our pet's mom

For this we must be aware that it is a great likelihood that our mascot is a mother without taking appropriate precautions. Solely responsible for this to happen so we are at the time of arrival of the "baby" must be patient and enjoy their birth until they are old enough to find them a safe and comfortable home as her mother.

9 .- According to the way you are

If the future pet owner is outgoing, likes hyperkinetic and walk without problems here and there, perhaps the best pet is a puppy. Now if the person is quiet and likes to be relaxed and independent, the best decision can be a cat.

10 .- Your commitment

Before choosing any pet must ask if we assume that responsibility and if we can meet. As we stress the time of reasoning in this question.

Although there are many things to take into account the great responsibility and one must have when purchasing a pet, is not all that bad and atrocious. A pet brings to a home and much happiness and joy, because we have to start thinking it is a living being that comes into your home and demand only that I love and care as if he were one of the family. You will never have bad feelings towards you and look to be welcomed as anyone.

If you choose well your pet and follow these points that you will not regret the contrary, you will see a pet in your home will quickly become another member and enjoy with like enjoy with your own children.


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