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They are perhaps the leather furniture which are most appreciated by those who know quality and comfort, as they have been through the years that have been better priced because of its elegance and the resistance they provide to their owners.

But still, the leather furniture should be treated with great dedication to preserving its beauty and condition of their surfaces, because they often can be damaged by some carelessness or negligence.

For these cases, it is best to always be vigilant and prevent anything that could damage or impair the quality, conditions that generally occur within everyday life at home.

And as it is resistant to the passage of time and supports heavy loads, leather material is also a delicate and susceptible to damage by other such simple items such as heat or any fitting or sharp object.

For this reason, prevention should we take away all this furniture and to find a suitable location within the room to prevent the deterioration sunlight.

Also, keep our pets make easy prey for leather furniture, and usually are the scratches or scrapes that do their nails which the decay, without possibility of repair.

Moreover, not adequately ventilate forget the leather furniture every so often, and be very aware of your state to prevent it from drying out, and if this is the case, immediately implement repair and refurbish some substance that will restore its natural plasticity .

Cleaning should be done with special waxes, they have specific elements in its composition to preserve the quality of leather.


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