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Nobody can deny that a fireplace is an excellent decorative item for our home, apart from the huge utility that provides heat when we require. But they say everything beautiful hill, and this is what you seem to think all housewives should devote time to clean it.

Remember the highly important to have clean the chimney, because thanks to this we can get a good burn and we will completely clean the ducts and also to avoid igniting the accumulated soot creating serious problems at home.

The basics for this cleanup is to remove the ash and residues of past combustions, which is done with the help of a hook and a metal collector, which pass to a metal bucket with a lid to control the glow of some residues.

There are buckets in the market specially designed to fit the aspirations and achievements that waste and waste from going directly to them and not to bag the appliance.

A painter's brush or a brush be of tremendous value, especially in the cleaning of heat exchangers.

The constant and proper maintenance of chimneys will help us to keep them in good condition permanently, therefore, becomes necessary to use some products known as "anti-soot", which is thrown on the flames, getting that volatilize constantly soot accumulates in the walls.

Thorough cleaning is recommended every year if the use is daily and constant.


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