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Every parent should make the decision which is the pediatrician who will care for your child since birth. Consider that the pediatrician is to guide the health care of the baby during the first years of his life.

Sometimes parents have already made this decision during pregnancy, but this, though ideal, is rarely given.

Note that the pediatrician is to help our child grow healthily, and the best way to get to the pediatrician is needed is making several visits and interviews with various professionals.

A few months before we can ask friends, neighbors or relatives, give us the number and name of your pediatrician confidence to begin to have some options. This does not mean that we should only be limited to the names we offer is just a way to start looking for the person who wakes up our confidence.

To choose your child's doctor may consider these tips:

- The Hall of patient care should be clean, orderly, and be comfortable for the baby.

- The child must feel comfortable with the pediatrician

- The pediatrician should be ready to answer all our questions clearly and not in monosyllables or disinterest.

- If there are people attending physician should be kind to both the child and parent.

- Must have telephone or some other place to locate if not in office hours for any emergency.

- If the pediatrician is full of work, it is better to choose another, for who can give quality time and attention to our son.

- The clinic should be near the home.

- Hours of operation must be compatible or fit with our work schedules.

- The schedule allocates to our inquiries pediatrician should never be less than 15 minutes.

When we succeed in establishing a good relationship with the pediatrician, we will feel more secure and calm, because we'll have someone looking out for the care and health of our children during their early years.

Parents, in turn, should give clear information as accurate as possible on the small, it is imperative that the pediatrician can even help you.

No professional should change so soon and once the child is already accustomed to it. So the choice must be careful, for a pediatrician for at least the first 5 years of life.


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