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Adolescence is the stage when sexual development. At this stage, along with physical and emotional changes, the boy discovers his sexuality, you feel like close contacts and discovers new feelings very intensely.

Sexual desire is not clearly defined at the beginning of this stage, so the adolescent may be attracted by a friend of the same sex. This, unlike what he might think, is part of the natural process of sexual development, so long an explanation to avoid the discomfort and confusion that might be feeling.

As time passes, feels increasingly drawn to the opposite sex, the sex drive is already clearly defined by what is now the problem reduces to overcome shyness and insecurity that makes them closer to the people of the opposite sex in general and especially when they feel a certain attraction.

2. Looking for information

The teenager is full of curiosity, he feels an enormous interest in knowing everything about sex, so they seek information from all possible sources. In general, the friends of where they receive the first information, and it is not surprising that most of the things they learn are incorrect or inappropriate and even misleading.

Other sources of information for them are television and movies, ie information through images. They also receive information through the internet as is generally overstimulated teen about sex and feel confused and depressed.

It is very important to be clear that parents who must help their children, guiding them to make informed decisions and consistent with themselves. It is therefore necessary that we speak in a clear and easy sex and regards him what love, intimacy, responsibility and consequences, besides teaching them to have a mature attitude toward sex.

With sound information in addition to avoiding problems is achieved that the teenager live their sexuality in healthy and responsible way, without any false expectations or pressure.

3. Values and respect to sex

It is our duty as parents to talk to the children of our views about sex and our religious beliefs, transmission of values and lifestyle, without this we require certain behaviors or remonstrate with certain decisions.

It is important also to talk to them respect in a relationship, communication, loyalty and love, love teaching them to live fully and delivered, remain free in their decisions and not be influenced by friends or by society.

4. Tips for parents to talk about sex

The adolescents, though they do not ask, are of great interest to know what their parents think about certain issues related to sex.

- Although it is uncomfortable for parents to talk to your kids about sex is an issue that should not shirk but cope and deal with the greatest possible respect to the children.

- If you are unsure how to begin to talk about sex, including pregnancy situations use of any known or scenes in a movie to start the conversation.

- We must be honest to them and give them the information they expect, responding to questions they do not scandalize us without lecturing.

- It is the duty of parents to make known their views about sex and if they think that sex should be taken from the marriage, they should say but also must accept the decision that your child takes. It is very important to inform and advise, but never impose.

- Sometimes teens feel pressured by friends to have sex, explain that a decision is too important to be authorized to decide for him.

- It is important that before you have been taught to have defined its own personality and so he is able to make their own decisions without being influenced.


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