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Caring for children is not an activity for everyone. The nurses keep their children safe and happy while you go for a short time. Use the following guidelines. Keep your baby safe and help the babysitter to do a good job.

* Ask for names and phone numbers of people who worked for the babysitter. Contact these people and ask them what they liked and what they liked about the babysitter.
* Interview the babysitter. Find someone who is trustworthy, capable and who are comfortable with babies.

* Make a test. Invite the babysitter to watch the baby while you're at home. You can see the nurse and the baby.

* Describe your routines. Give the nanny about your baby's habits and preferences about food, diapers, play and sleep.

* Give clear instructions. Make sure you know how to deal with emergencies.
* Tell how to contact you. Give the name and telephone number of a friend or family member who can call if you can not reach you.

* Point the phone number of the baby's doctor.

Teach every room in the house. Report any thing that is not normal.

* Tell what time will return. Call if you will be late.

* Make sure the sitter understands all the safety rules for the baby.


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