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1 .- It is best breastfeeding
Pediatricians and nutritionists say that breastfeeding strengthens the immune system of children, an assumption was also recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

2 .- Your stomach is so small
As the quantity of milk is to be small and the intervals between feedings should be short.

3 .- Do not worry if regurgitates
Because the reason is usually to eat well for not knowing much air we swallowed by deporting end up "dragging" the milk.

4 .- If you take milk very often
You have to incorporate as much as possible to feed and raise the top of your mattress a few inches. Si sube bien de peso, no hay problemas

5 .- When you return to work
If you want to continue breastfeeding your child, you can express milk with a pump and keep it. Remember that ten hours is kept outdoors, two days in the refrigerator and freezer two weeks in the refrigerator.

6 .- while breastfeeding your baby
Do not eat asparagus, artichokes, cabbage or cabbage, because the baby can find and reject sour milk. If this happens to empty the chest and put the baby to suck a couple of hours later.

7 .- Falling asleep during the making
Probably not very hungry or have still half asleep. Wake him up well before the takeover, for example changing the diaper.

8 .- Sometimes poor sucking
Because bad breath, having their nose pressed against his chest. If necessary, wipe your nose with serum.

9 .- In giving the breast or bottle
It is the best time to talk. Think of the sound of your voice will be more calm and quiet.

10 .- Before bedtime
If it is cold, warm up before the savannas. The temperature should be 18 to 22 degrees.

11 .- You do not weigh very often
If the baby is happy and has pink skin means you are well fed and do not worry.

12 .- Using the same scale
That will take care your pediatrician, YOU must not weigh it.

13 .- special soap for your clothes
To do your laundry using special soaps for baby clothes, so as not to damage your skin.

14 .- Rinse well your child's clothes
Order to erase any traces of detergent in his clothes.

15 .- Choose natural fabrics
Cotton, linen or wool promote perspiration, do not accumulate electrostatic energy and prevent allergies.

16 .- The bathroom is a pleasure!
Most babies love the daily ritual bathing. Hold it firmly with one hand to avoid any shock. With the other wash it gently with a sponge natural fibers.

17 .- The water temperature
There should be less than 36 º C and the room at 20 º - 25 º. This is important, especially during the first few months because their thermoregulatory system is still immature.

18 .- Do not put colony
Because it can cause dry skin. Use a special soap, apply powder on your armpits and neck. If you have peeling of the skin, can put a body oil.

19 .- Change it often
Should be changed frequently to avoid the humid heat of wetting.

20 .- Before putting a diaper
Wipe gently and put a little moisturizer to prevent irritation.

21 .- Above all, wipe it
It is essential that there be no moisture in the folds.

22 .- If your skin is irritated
We recommend more frequent changes of diapers, plus if possible, take your skin to hot sun or warm air through a dryer.

Her favorite pastime
During the first months, the baby's favorite entertainment is watching everything that happens around and play with their own hands and their own feet, kicking at your leisure and look in the mirror.

His first shoes
The shoes your little one must be perfectly adapted to the particular anatomy and physiology of the child standing. Economic or aesthetic considerations must pass, always, to the background.

23 .- It starts to crawl
Choose a soft shoes, flexible, but hard buttress reinforced toe. They are especially for crawling

24 .- It stands
The front should be wide, so that the fingers can move easily. The number that you measure your pediatrician.

25 .- The leather sole
Try to be flexible and patterned slip (plastic ones are not recommended).

26 .- And the chuck loose
As the child grows up very fast. It is best to pick either her little foot. The shoes should not be inherited.

27 .- When you bathe
Closed first hot water tap. This will prevent, if drip, drip of water will warm the baby.

28 .- Pimples on face
It is a normal reaction to eliminate maternal hormones., This generally occurs in the first month, has been called "baby acne"

29 .- The best pediatrician
It is He who is always reachable and willing to help at any time, which educates and teaches you to grow with the growth of your child.

30 .- Fever
It is an alarm signal, so you should warn the pediatrician.


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