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After a hearty meal comes the time of having to clean the kitchen and wash the dishes, and even when cleaning the leaves impeccable, almost always remain the strong odors arising from the ingredients and the preparation itself.

And though the food may have been the most delicious we've tried and even though we had entranced with the exquisite aromas as they prepared the dishes, the accumulation of odors and grease, smoke and other Border Patrol officers, will lead a loaded environment with a mixture of smells all nice for the kitchen.

cooking odors

Exist in popular culture many recommendations to eliminate the strong smell of cooking, which I discussed some to be able to get rid of them because they do not mix at all with the other flavors in your home.

One of the most used is the one that puts warm water to simmer in a peel of citrus such as orange, lemon or lime, so that after a while the odor is eliminated.

You can also do the same placing in a pan with some cinnamon and allspice cloves so that they also boil over low heat for several minutes, thus, you get a pleasant aroma that clears the that has been generated in the kitchen during the day.

If during the preparation has been cooked or fried fish, we know that leaves a strong smell, we can light a candle for a while in the kitchen for the odor disappears.

And finally, after finishing in the kitchen, you can light a match by about ten seconds and then proceed to soak in a glass of water, and in this way, the unpleasant odor will disappear immediately.


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