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Why Dogs Bow?


Your dog wants to play? The bow of the game is the first sign ...

In addition to the barking and other behavior indicative of the key ways in which dogs communicate with other dogs and humans is through body language.

Both the obvious details as those most hidden are easily understood by others who speak the language dogs canine.

For humans, however, is not as easy to understand the body language girl milk a dog unless you've been surrounded by dogs or are a keen observer of their behavior.

Sometimes, however, with only a little information and instruction, can be easy to discover when a dog is having fun.

Beyond the famous tail-a sign that worries most of us know how to recognize, there are other postures that indicate a dog is ready to play and have fun, and it is at this point that we reached the bow of the game.

The bow is posture when adopting a dog down the front of your body towards the floor and let the legs slightly spread.

At first glance it might seem that the dog was stretched, but if you consider that their tail is moving frantically from side to side, then you will realize that it is more than just a stretch.

Next to the movement of the tail, the dog's ears are erect, mouth open, and very possibly could be able to see her protruding tongue.

This pose foretells that the time has come to play, and can often seen in puppies and active dogs.

If ever you take your dog to a dog park, you will see often this position, which means that the dogs are invited each other to play.

Do not believe, however, that because you are the owner of the dog-human and thus the bow-game is not for you.

In fact, dogs often take this position also to express its intention to play with humans. If the person accepts the invitation, then jumps and the hunt could begin immediately.

Of course, for security reasons, your dog needs to be trained in obedience, knowing not to bite and recognize the power of its jaws, and be friendly.

If your dog has a tendency to play violently, then practice safer activities such as fetching the stick or frisbee.

And for those who have no problem rolling on the floor with their dogs, know that humans may also mimic the bow of the game.

This will excite a dog that wants to play, and usually accept the invitation and the fun will start.


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