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More together? More points? Bigger? More round or oval? All these secrets of makeup will reveal if you still reading

Not everyone is born with a perfect face. If asked his friends most of them will tell you who feel their eyes are close together, too paragraphs, too crossed or ... whatever you prefer.

Luckily we live in an age in which the makeup can create all sorts of optical illusions. Below is a list of a few techniques using eye shadow and eyeliner to create several illusions based on their needs.

To make your eyes look ...

More together

Most eyes look better when the emphasis is on the outer corner of the eye (or "v"). But emphasizing the inner corner will ensure that your eyes look more together.

Start by spreading a light shade over the entire eye. Then put a medium color in the inner half of the lid and mix to create a natural finish. The next will be a line from the corner of the eye to the middle, then mix.

Farther apart

If your eyes are less separated than normal, you can create the illusion that they are wider by putting more light on the inner corners of eyes and less on external controls. To do this, scatter a shade lighter than your skin at the corner of your nose.

Take a matte eyeshadow in a medium to dark color and wipe it out and slightly upward from the middle of your eyelid. Take line eyeliner and start right from the inner corner of your eye, tapering up and down, just a little on the outer corner of the eyes.


The key to making the largest eyes in the shadows is based on clear. The dark shadows will make your eyes look even smaller. Put a clear shadow on the eyelid, then shade in the corner of the eyelid and the crease with darker shade.

Draw the outside of the eyelids up and down with eyeliner making sure to sharpen the outside of the eye (ie, elongation).

Finally, a flick of white or cream shadow in the middle of the temples will drop their eyes (a word of warning: Make sure the temples are perfectly clear, otherwise it will loose hair between two lights).

Less ... fallen

You can lift drooping eyes with makeup. Apply shadow on the outer corner of lid, extend the color upwards and outwards so feline. Add color to light the temple and pull the line of the eye (only accentuates the contour down).

Apply mask, focusing on the inner corner of eye. Finally, you can try to smoke with silver inner corners of eyes to help lift them.


Those with deep-set eyes appear prominent temples. To reduce the temples, spreading a soft shadow or medium tone on the eyelid. Then put a slightly darker shade above the crease of the eye.
Apply eyeliner from the inside of the eye, making it thicker in the middle of the eye, and then spilled into the outside of the eyelid. Finally, apply shadow illuminating temples.

Finally, there is a great eye shadow and a trick to draw slanted eyes ( "Asian"). As the eyes of Asian women can seem to disappear when they are open, you can add definition by making half-tone shadow over the eyelid and temples.

Place dust under the shadow illuminating head with a bone to accentuate the temple and then use a pencil eyeliner to outline the upper and lower lashes. Make sure the line is thin and natural looking.


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