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Overcome with greater maturity and efficiency conflict, but may fall to the enemy of boredom. Its members are more independent, but they may repeat past mistakes. To learn more characteristic of couples over 50, make sure you read the following article

Every cloud has a silver lining, the saying goes. But in the case of couples over fifty, you could also say that there is good that evil does not come.

It happens that the relationships that they experience at this age have, like all human relationships, a lot of pros and cons, which may be specific and distinctive, but, experts say, from any point of view entirely positive nor entirely negative.

And is that all experiences with those reaching this age, they can play us both for and against, depending on how they know or how they affect us capitalize beyond our wishes.

When playing experience for

According to the specialists say, a person who has reached fifty is a person who quite possibly better known and more specifically know what you are looking for and need. This feature, coupled with the fact that people of this age have gone through stages of frustrations, conflicts, crises, ruptures, or loss, cause the love that is alive is a more mature love in which each is better understood internally, know what you want, accept the reality and respect the other side of the couple as it is, without seeking to fit their needs.

On the other hand, couples of this age are usually made by people more independent, that have successfully developed a long road of life that taught them to take into account their own wishes, without leave to respect the other. Therefore, it is likely that in a couple of this age there is greater independence and harmony in the relationship, since in the opposite case, experts say, is very rare that the couple managed to survive from the moment that few those who tolerated his partner to live depending on their own.

That's why, experts say, that in the relations of people over 50 tend to have fewer scenes of jealousy or petty destructive, giving way to an area of healthy dissent, where they can expose and resolve any differences without thus jeopardizing the continuity of the couple.

And without doubt, at this age is more important to maintain closeness with their partner, rather than trying to emerge victorious from the absurd battle of the sexes and the ever present competition inherent in human beings.

This is where sexuality is also experienced from a different side, that no longer gives much importance to physical appearance or abilities, but to a much more intimate, leisure, and rewarding.

Not all is rosy

Despite the benefits provided by the experience, mutual understanding and maturity, experts say that at this age these same factors, other factors may also undermine a good living.

For many professionals in human behavior, both in love relationships as on other important issues of our lives, human beings do what we can, not what we want or what logic determined.

For that reason, beyond ages, experiences, or the will, it is possible for people to return again and again to fall into his own traps, even when they thought they had learned from their previous experiences.

And many experts say that come to their offices a lot of people complain about the demands and fears that exist on the other hand when looking into a new relationship, which makes them suspect that, in effect, often the dissolution of couples in the past does not mean a dissolution of past conflicts and frustrations, which continue to condition and frustrating to those who do not really have to overcome.

And for those that have an established and lasting partner, another of the risks that might impair their proper functioning is boredom, which is responsible for many cases of infidelity. It is therefore essential that once the children have left home, "or economic welfare is achieved without need for further efforts, reversing the growing time for free to find new activities and tasks that could give new meaning to link that is experienced.


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