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Young babies thrive on touch and infant massage is rapidly gaining popularity due to its wonderful effects on health and welfare of babies and enjoyable experience, which links to the parent or caregiver who provides it.

Massage is also a wonderful way to bond with your baby, increase your confidence as a new parent and allow your partner became involved as a new dad, especially if you are breastfeeding.

It is a relaxing and fun for parent and baby - can also increase how long and how deeply your baby sleeps, which is good news for everyone!

A natural way

Massaging your baby will help alleviate the discomfort of teething, colic, chest congestion and sinus, as well as physical stress and emotional strain.

Infant massage has also regularly shown to improve neurological development and strengthens the immune system. The experience of therapeutic touch increases your child's sensory awareness, improves circulation, and enhances the tone and muscle growth.

The herbal oils promote and increase the positive effects of massage. When infant massage is done after a bath or before settling your little sleep, are an ideal time.

The herbal oils used in infant massage provides effects that heighten the emotions, promote sleep, improve circulation, reduce irritation and soothe the anxiety, among many other beneficial effects. In addition, herbal oils are 100% safe and will not cause rashes on baby's soft skin, as some synthetics.

When using these natural oils to infant massage, make sure your wording is appropriate to the age of the baby. There are natural remedies specially formulated for infant massage for babies of 12 weeks of age and is a wonderful aid to infant massage. The specially selected blend of natural aromatherapy oils will enhance even further the benefits of massage, improving circulation, calming any irritation of skin and imparting a sense of calm and relaxation.

Aromatherapy oils used in infant massage

The Mandarin essential oil is an oil that calms and renews. It has balancing and stimulating properties and is also known to regulate emotions. This oil will improve sleep patterns and relieve anxiety.

Neroli oil improves circulation throughout the body, reduces anxiety and fear and stimulates the spirit.

Chamomile essential oil calms rashes and skin irritation. This oil also imparts a sense of calm and relaxation.


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