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New times women have shown a surge in public space, which could eventually affect their relationship, if your husband is very traditional or conservative ...

For many years, the typical Western couple consisted of the man in the public space, ie the workplace, and women in private, that is the home and children.

However, times have changed, and today is not at all uncommon to find couples where both are, or even just her, who are active outdoors. And in many instances, women are responsible for achievement and success that undoubtedly demolish the traditional roles within the couple.

What, then, the attitude of men to the reversal of traditional roles in the couple?

As experts say, age plays a key role in the acceptance of living with a successful woman. While most young people seem to accept almost naturally the possibility that the roles are exchanged constantly, and in some cases they must be "masters of the house," the more adults are certain difficulties in adapting to these changes.

Indeed, where most adult couples, it has become apparent that many men seem to experience a decrease in its capabilities, strengths, and even sexual force when the women in the workplace than, quite possibly because they have been bred from very small to the conception of male identity that had just overcome relationship with and care for women.

But the truth is that since several years, female gender has been gaining on her own merits "-spaces in the past were exclusively reserved for men, and consequently, the man began to play the same positions of power.

Thus, many adult men are presented with the difficulty of having to confront a new reality with a mindset formed with other types of values and identity.

According to experts, in most cases these difficulties can be resolved with dialogue. In fact, while a woman can have brightness and weight in the public domain, could nevertheless have shortcomings in other areas, in which man would return to the role of "keeper" of his partner. Through dialogue, these points can be made sight of both, which would make them realize what is necessary to continue to each other.

Often, in cases where there is no dialogue and the man lives with envy or jealousy place to have ever achieved, by dint of hard work, "his wife, she may feel because of their successes, and not enjoy the same, or even throw them overboard. This situation undoubtedly have an impact on the couple's relationship, and sooner or later undermine the link.

Therefore, physicians say, is key in cases of couples with successful women will live the relationship as a cooperative organization, where both men and women have very clear that her success is closely related to motivation and stimulation that he dispenses.

The real man insurance

However, men more sure of themselves and their masculinity, are those that can accept without success and overcoming problems of his wife, because they know that it has no connection with love, affection and care which can dispense between yes.

Indeed, in many cases, these men feel a great personal pride in the success of your partner, because it makes them feel very well knowing that a woman living with important and protagonist, and are aware that much of its success has relationship with them.

In addition, men who can assume no difficulty motivation and success of their partners, know that it can be very beneficial for them and their family from the time their children will learn to accept this exchange of roles from very small , and in the case of girls, encouraged to follow the footsteps of their mothers.

They, in turn, will take away the responsibility of being the sole or main breadwinner of the household, and give them more space to devote to their children.


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