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The ideal home is not only the best decor, but who else can convey the personality of its owner. If you want to know how to do this in your own space, be sure to address these suggestions

Maybe your room is equipped with sofas, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, plants and even ornaments and pictures, but yet not able to have a defined personality and distinction, but, by contrast, looks really flat.

Personality is a key element in any home, it can confer the same living space, and make a difference with other types of houses, the same difference that exists between its unique personality and their friends and neighbors.

So in this article we suggest some steps to devise different ways to add personality to a space.
The first step, creativity and inspiration

The inspiration and creativity are the keys to decorate the space with personality. The inspiration for the decoration may come from different ways, such as the kind of place where you live.

For example, if you live near the ocean, you may want to begin to incorporate elements related to your home. Or, rather, could be a hobby to keep a long time, such as trains, posters, watches, etc.. or simply objects of a defined style of decoration, such as casual, formal, French, or tropical, and so on. Once you absorb all the winds of inspiration, creativity is sure to increase with ease.

When I got a good inspiration, it is much easier to start with some of these ideas. If the home environment provided it is not, look nice designs on television, traveling to other places, or dress designer showrooms. Always remember to save pictures from decorating magazines, and do some file paintings, fabric, or objects that would love to decorate your space. Continue to explore and learn, but only focusing on what he loves. Then the part of giving personality to the home will be much easier.

In search of the most appreciated

If you have already gained some inspiration, you should too. to begin, start to gradually train your eye, exploring designs and decorations shown in magazines and exhibitions, trying to find the photo of space that you would like to have. That's it, really look at it, asking yourself what you value most and what would change this decoration.

Similarly, you should inquire of the items that would appreciate in your own home, which he believes was the cause for which those spaces were placed on the furniture that way, and what kind of accessories are also used in that space, including art, fabrics, textures, and colors. This will be a great way to really discover what you love like you have around you.

Keep notes of everything and save photos from magazines or booklets with notes of their favorite things. Then discover how to add personality to your space, but the exact way that you would like to. Here we propose some design elements that could add to give a personal touch to your space.


An old piece of furniture could add so much texture and depth to a room. If you still do not, consider purchasing a table or chest of pine. Also, in pursuit of adding a colorful, painted shelves could search for books. In any case, before you buy any furniture, make sure you truly love and to be happy every time I see him.


There are endless possibilities for choosing themes for decorating your space. Ideally, these issues would "say" something BOUT you, your family or the place where he lives. Also incorporate a theme into the home also provides a space for presenting collections, thematic articles, and all kinds of art.

Even incorporate a favorite theme for your home, help you be more clear as to what items should be discarded from your home, for not conforming to the chosen theme, which usually greatly simplify your choices and purchasing decisions.

To choose and give the subject entity, be creative using items you already own and may be related to that topic, however tangential or unexpected ways. For example, if the subject is wine, you could use a wine bottle lamp's foot, and if the subject is cars, could use an old car lamp and wall lighting.


If you play as a hobby collecting, you may have some very interesting groups and personal items for display. From movie posters to candlesticks and boxes, these are items are usually very effective to decorate a home with personality.

It is important that, when fit their collections, be careful to group all the objects together, especially when dealing with small items so as not to diminish the impact that can only provide all items together.

If it is a collection of family photos, it would be best frames and frames where the frame are made in a similar material such as silver or aluminum, even if each of the frames vary in style and design of one other.

Together these collections could also incorporate some additional items to add personality to the whole environment, such as the predominance of a specific colors, incorporating flowers and plants, and objects hanging on the wall.
Inspiration for decoration

To make an instant impact, nothing sticks better to incorporate a certain color to a space. To know what color to choose, you should see that love home objects, such as textiles, ornaments, pillows etc., And what are the colors of them, which they love. Remember that you are the owner of their space, so no one should impose colors that do not like.

Note, however, some suggestions. Paint walls a light color, which enable you to incorporate several others that does not interrupt it. Add colored upholstery fabrics and simple, where possible, with views that make it more appealing to the eye. Then, include some objects that combine color and other colors you love. Try repeating these combinations in at least three places around the area, using this pillows, curtains, chairs, tablecloths, etc..
Flowers and Plants

One or two pots of flowers, could mean one of the fastest ways to add life and practices, color and personality to a space. Floral arrangements can be large or small, elaborate or simply placed in jars with water, but in either case are truly wonderful, then add plenty of life. While maintenance and renewal of work takes some fresh flowers, artificial plants only add color but no life, and would demand some work to remove dust constantly.

Find pieces that I love, especially for their colors and designs according to the themes and styles of their environment. The billboards and posters are very inexpensive and can breathe life into its walls. And could also incorporate your own artwork, as a collage or a set of pictures, if that's something expert in their manufacture. Otherwise, and if possible, consider buying only original paintings, which have more texture and depth to the prints, and generally will last longer.

If you live in old houses with big walls and high ceilings, use pictures and other art objects rather large, rather than tiny, so do not get lost in the middle of space. O grouping all similar objects within a space. Similarly, small art works can be accommodated better in smaller spaces or walls.

And on the walls, much more ...

Indeed, some pictures are really very nice, but something unexpected in the wall could be a big statement of personality. For example, you could use an old iron rod as an item to put near the ceiling of a room, a vitreau leaning on the window, or a collection of plates to hang on the wall. The key here is to use their imagination.


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