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how to make a debt does not become a couple problem

If you love the person contracted a debt can be generated a situation of conflict between couples, but also represent an opportunity to strengthen it.

Some tips to transform a potential crisis into an opportunity:

1 - The main thing is to offer your help to pay the debt (but not necessarily offering money).

2 - Then, make sure he or she wants their help.

3 - Develop a plan together to see how they can do to alleviate it. Can either one-or two-take a loan, get a second job, cut spending?

4 - Discuss with your partner politely what everyone can do to help pay that debt.

5 - Give your partner with money you can save each to deal with that debt.

6 - If she or he has a plan, reassure to do it.

7 - Consider a prenuptial agreement if the debt is for another previous marriage and you have substantial assets at stake.

8 - Support efforts by a partner service that debt, and evaluate ways to reduce costs of both.

9 - If the debt is causing relationship problems, please consult a professional to help them out of the "conflict zone".


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