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In these early days babies are held by the arms of their parents and this link is where they begin to see their first games.

The baby's little body all the time is driven by the caregiver (either your mother, father or another who meets the function), providing all their basic needs. Perhaps here begin the first major brands in the baby's body: how to be sustained, the warmth of the embrace, the safety of those arms, rocking at certain times, support in times of colic, the first smiles, caresses , love and songs that accompany the bath .....

In all these actions, as the pair of parents are more relaxed and he feels that what they are doing is fine, and begin to enjoy the pleasures of parenthood may occur the first few games.
These are the games par excellence of the first months. The first game to have babies is his own body. They suck their hands, trying to take their feet in their mouths, and so on.

Arise for example, games of little hands. There are so many songs and each parent must use their memory and sing what he knows from his own childhood, which are not so different from today.

There are also the nursery or rattles that have a little music to move and they like much follow the movement or the music itself.

Most important is the attitude and availability they can offer parents to find pleasure in the link between them and their baby. With an object or simply with the body can create the basis for ensuring a path of pleasure.


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