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The homemade cookies are a delicacy that no child should fail to enjoy. It fills the house of an unmistakable aroma and warmth.

They are ideal for children's snacks at home for afternoon chats with friends, to take to school, etc..

The problem arises with our homemade cookies is that we can not just hit the firing point, we are too dry or hard, or raw on the inside and burnt out, what keeps us from enjoying its rich flavor.

But if you follow these tips, you will surely gain your cookies are the delight of all.

- Always preheat the oven before laying. This is done by turning the same about 15 minutes before putting in cookies and moderate temperature.

- The best baking sheets are those completely flat, and if they are aluminum, even better. Where possible, opt for a smaller than baking rack (rack in the roasting pan where we support) to allow better circulation of heat within the oven.

- The rack should be at an average height of the oven and it's best cooking or baking of a plate

As easy to use and clean the plate.

Articles on our website or tray at a time.

If placed two trays at once, it will be convenient change of position at half the cooking time.

- If you've cooked a tray and we must make another batch but from the same source, it needs to cool slightly before placing the tray of cookies.

If we place while the tray is still warm, causing it to us too cook the edges.

- Do not forget to prepare the trays as previously indicated to you the recipe for the cookies will not stick.

- As last advice, distributes the cookies on the baking sheet evenly, ie in rows and the same distance from each other to achieve even cooking for all. If you leave big holes without cookies, which are along the hole probably be burned or over cooked.


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