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Because We Never Stop Learning...

1. Focus your attention on "giving" rather than "receive." When your goal is to give pleasure to your partner, you will always find opportunities to achieve your goal. Because of this you also gain, since people tend to reciprocate positive behavior.

2. Be careful to keep silent when you insult your spouse. Ignoring the snubs and insults, you will avoid many unnecessary arguments. The moment of anger will pass quickly.

3. Disclaimer of unrealistic expectations. People enter marriage with high expectations that are not consciously expressed. By giving up unrealistic expectations, avoid frustration and anger. Do not expect your spouse to be perfect and do not make comparisons.

4. Avoid labeling things that upset you with the name of "horrible". Try to find a positive outlook on things.

5. Think about how you can motivate your partner to do what you want him / her to do. If your first strategy is not effective, continuous testing with other strategies. Subtle Remember that praise is a powerful motivator.

6. Be aware that the answer will really get according to the intent of your message. Clarify your goals. If your method of communication does not help you achieve your goal, change your approach. Setting your mind on the main objective, which is having a happy marriage, do not deviate.

7. Ten willingness to compromise. Be willing to do something that you would do in return for similar behavior from your partner.

8. Do not blame or condemn your partner for the mistakes he makes. Plan the best method to prevent such errors from recurring, without arousing resentment or hurt the feelings of your partner.

9. Live in the present. What has gone wrong in the past is over. Focus your thoughts on improving the situation at present.

10. Constantly ask yourself: What can I do to have a happy atmosphere at home?


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