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Cleaning the bathroom:

The bathroom is the household sector where more bacteria and germs collect when exposed to the human reservoir of organic matter.

In the market find a variety of products to ease our task, but the essential disinfectant is bleach or ammonia.

1) Cleaning products:

Protect hands with gloves, devices which are used for bathroom hygiene are generally extremely abrasive, dry the skin.

The products we use are very diverse and are of free choice, some people just prefer a cleaner, bleach and cream, but others are inclined to ammonia.

In the market you can choose between the disinfectants such as bleach or ammonia, scouring powder or abrasive cream but something antigérmenes properties; cleaners, mirrors and screens, anti-scale products for plumbing fixtures and other specialty products for water, bathtubs, etc.

2nd) The complement of cleaning:

On the other side must also have two sets of two sponges and absorbent cloths; to the toilet and the rest of the artifacts, it is convenient to use the same elements to the toilet for the rest of the bathroom. A long-handled brush.

And if the bathroom is no place in a container to store all products, if you care children are not at your fingertips.

3rd) Getting started:

Remove all the products that are commonly used on the sink, tub, bidet, etc.. to be more comfortable making hygiene. Take out the trash, put the towels in the laundry basket, remove the scales, toilet paper and anything that might interfere. Cleaning the bathroom is always begins the artifacts. Clean the tub, but must start with the shower, then go with the sink, bidet and toilet, thus avoiding re-clean the tile or the tile if splashing during cleaning devices. Comment:

The shower curtain should be washed once a month in the washer to prevent mildew. While cleaning the tiles and door frames review. The mixture of two disinfectants (bleach and ammonia) remove gases that are toxic to our body. Leaving door and windows open while cleaning the toilet to prevent condensation of the same.


The paramedics eventually get yellowish, prepare a solution of salt and turpentine to restore the white of the artifacts. We must stop acting for a while and then wash with hot soapy water and rinse with cold water.

Personal sponges you must rinse thoroughly after use. remove the hair you may have and soak in salted water. For odor immersed in water with lemon.


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