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Experts advise that two hours a day watching television or playing video games should be the limit to ensure that kids can be more healthy, strong and creative.

Here is a list exercise or fun and easy ideas to help kids be active (even without realizing it, many times, that they're exercising!)

1. Walking the dog

2. Walking the dog next door (with the permission of parents and the neighbor, of course)
3. Tracing a kite

4. Throwing a Frisbee

5. Ask your parents or grandparents to take you to a park or other area where you can make contact with nature

6. Bicycling

7. Riding a skateboard

8. If you have a yard, pick up litter or leaves in autumn

9. Weeding or weed

10. Rake the garden

11. Playing the leads

12. Hopscotch

13. Playing with a hula hoop and see who can hold for longer

14. Learn juggling

15. Jump rope

16. Visit the zoo, amusement park or museum (lots of walking)

17. Washing the car

18. Have each family member wear a pedometer and make a daily competition to see who gives more steps. The losers are the tasks of winning the next day.

19. Play basketball

20. Playing football

21. Playing softball or baseball

22. Playing Tennis

23. Have a water fight with bulbs

24. Wear your bathing suit and run around the shower.

25. Go swimming (never without an adult to supervise!)

26. Give the dog a bath. The bigger the dog, you do more exercises

27. Accompany to walk more (a grandparent, for example)
28. Prance.

29. Make pectoral

30. Make an exercise video and do a good workout

31. Tripping

32. Learning to play golf, or be otherwise caddy

33. Playing tennis

34. Playing mini-golf

35. Go bowling

36. Learn to spin a stick

37. Take a martial arts class and learn self-defense

38. Build a fort and play cowboys and Indians

39. If you have a two-story home or basement, move objects up and down, one at a time.

40. Playing career

41. Wash the windows

42. Clean Room

43. Learn yoga, whether in a class or a video

44. Brisk walk

45. Learn to dance


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