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Grandparents are an important support for parents as for children. They routinely provide care to children, financial assistance and emotional support. Sometimes they claim to provide much more, including the temporary or full time care and responsibility of their grandchildren ...

A growing number of children living in grandparent-headed households. This trend is due to:

* Increases in the number of families with one parent
* The high divorce rate
* Teenage pregnancies
* The jailing of parents
* Substance abuse by parents
* Death or incapacity of the parents
* Abuse and parental neglect.

In many of these homes, none of the biological parent is present. In most cases, children are cared for by grandparents are going to live with them as infants or pre-school and stay with them for five years or more.

These grandparents are a diverse group ranging in age from thirty to seventy. Many grandparents are ready to simplify their lives and take everything slow. Let that go and assume the responsibilities of being the primary parent again can incite many emotions, including sadness, anger, loss, resentment and possibly guilt.

This transition can cause stress and emotional and can involve a significant financial burden. The culture shock of dealing with children and adolescents of different generations can be enormous. The grandparent-headed households have a significantly high poverty rate when compared with other types of households.

Many grandparents in the role of child caregivers underestimate or are unaware of additional charges that his new role as' parents imposed on them''. Grandparents often assume that their role will be to nurture and reward the kids without having to set limits. When grandparents serving as parents, however, they must learn to set limits and controls as they did with their own children.

Many children living with grandparents arrive with preexisting problems or risk factors that include abuse, neglect, prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol and parental loss (through death, abandonment and incarceration).

This situation can create risks for both parties, children and grandparents. Caring for grandchildren can also be very positive and valuable. Grandparents bring the benefit of experience and perspective. They may also provide important stability and predictability and be a role model for his grandchildren.

It is very important for grandparents to receive support and assistance. Reaching out to other family members, clergy, support groups and social agencies can be helpful. Professionals recognize the important role that grandparents are raising grandchildren. While most grandparents are able to meet their own needs, can better meet the demands of parenthood.


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