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If you are pregnant and have cellulite, surely begin with a treatment to combat it. One of the contraindications in pregnancy is that creams, lotions or patches Cellulite is prohibited both in pregnancy and during lactation.

The reason for this prohibition is because these creams contain caffeine (active principle fundamental to combating cellulite). The caffeine is absorbed by the body, moving quickly into the bloodstream and reaching our baby through the placenta (during pregnancy) or breast milk (during lactation).

Also to look out for anti-cellulite cream if you want to start using contains the active ingredient, as there are many who do not and you could use it during this time.

It is best to start using it before you consult with your gynecologist and he will help you choose the right treatment and also whether it ideal cellulite treatment begins at this stage or do when the baby is weaned.

If you want to make a more natural treatment during pregnancy to combat cellulite is to eat a healthy diet, exercise, comfortable shoes, cold showers give leg massage and accomplishment (especially reducers).


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