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Lazy Children


Anyone can have a child who does not want to be physically active. How can interest him in some activity and away from the risk of obesity?

Even when your child is not interested in team sports, you can still help you engage in activities that enhance self-esteem, strength, coordination and overall fitness.
Step by step

1. First, let an expert check your health and vision. Sometimes the refusal to participate in certain activities can be a symptom of problems.

2. Offer different options. There are many activities that can shape the kids. Not all of them have to do with computer games.

3. Open your mind. Some girls may want to play ice hockey or basketball, while some children may lean towards ballet or figure skating.

4. It suggests options that work both for those who like individual sports-gymnastics, swimming, skating, martial arts or horse-like for those who prefer team play.

5. Encourages non-sporting activities to build the spirit of teamwork. Participation in choirs or orchestras, volunteer activities and all those games that promote solidarity among participants.

6. Lay it, but not pressure. If your child has an interest in certain activities, not immediately assume you're looking at a future Olympic champion. Your child may only want to play tennis just for fun.

7. Be a good example for your children. Take a walk, go swimming, or subscribe to a fitness class.

8. Remember that your children may not be interested in sports that you loved in your youth. Let them go their own way. The important thing is to stay active and state.


* If your children are old enough, consider making a family conference on physical health. Discusses various types of activities, lists the advantages and disadvantages, and help your children to decide what activity to perform, either individually or with the participation of the entire family.

* The equipment is important. Before sending your child to physical activity, find out how much they cost equipment and clothing, and how often will be replaced.

* Remember that a preteen boy should not be involved in activities which include weight lifting. If your child seems interested in this type of activity, check with your pediatrician.

* Some children are not made for teamwork. It is that simple. However, there are many other activities they can do.

* In any case, the rejection of athletic activities by the child should not cause friction in the family.


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