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Dogs and Divorce


Dogs also feel. They can not put into words, but this does not mean that, like us, enjoy, suffer, be stressed or depressed. What, then, when a dog suffers from separation from their owners?

For starters, not all dogs react the same way. There are those who fall into a severe depression, which causes them loss of appetite, which can lead to death. However, most of them usually cope with trance, and after a period of mourning, places another person to fill the spot vacated by his master.

Of course, also influence the reasons for the departure of the master. A dog who grew up in a family, has developed a great intuition about it, and can detect if the game of love is due to death of it, on a trip, or a separation. This is because it can capture what is happening in the family, is it the same is in mourning, or just sad for a temporary absence.


These situations can be prevented from adopting the same pet. For starters, would be ideal if two or more people at home, sharing the leadership of the animal. In this way, the dogs never feel they have one master, and the lack of it, it quickly replaced by another.

If the absence can be anticipated (ie not due to a death or severe illness), you can begin to transfer the domain of the animal. This is achieved by transferring to another person in the home the responsibility of feeding, remove the animal, and even play with him. Maybe it's something hard for the owner having to stay longer indifferent to their pet dog, but know that it is doing for their future welfare.

Or healing

But if none of the above could be done, you can also help the dog in his Duel. " For more severe cases, it has been proven to assist dogs with antidepressants, which has been successful in several cases.

But for most of them to reach someone in the house take the role of the owner, mime and more than it did before. This means to feed, play with the "Pichicho" talk (yes, talking!) And if you do not mind, let him sleep in one bed.

Thus, in one or two months, the dog will regain the joy that characterized him, and he could move the figure of his former master (do not forget, just move it) into a new person.


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